He Said, She Said

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He Said, She Said
Premiere September 15, 1969
Finale August 21, 1970
Creator Ira Skutch
Host Joe Garagiola
Network/Provider Syndicated
Style 30-minute game show comedy
Company Goodson-Todman Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 235
Origin USA

He Said, She Said was a syndicated game show hosted by Joe Garagiola. It pitted four couples trying to predict how well they know each other.

The show originally started with four celebrity couples, one member of each secluded off stage and seen via a monitor on the celebrity couples' lecterns. Each couple is staked to 100 points. A personal question is posed, such as "A time you needed to see a psychiatrist," or "What gets her in the mood." Each spouse, ringing in by turn, gives a short story about the question then gives a one or two-word clue his/her secluded spouse will recognize. Joe Garagiola now speaks to the off-stage mate by telephone and gives the question then the clue words. The spouse offstage recognizing the clue rings in, appears on the monitor and tries to match the story. Doing so correctly scores 25 points. Incorrect guesses deduct 10 points.

At the halfway point, the spouses switch places. The spouse with the highest score at the end of the show wins a week's vacation at a Holiday Inn for a couple in the studio audience.

Later in the show, one celebrity couple played for the audience member and three civilian couples competed.

Three years after being canceled, He Said, She Said would be redeveloped for CBS as Celebrity Match Mates, with Gene Rayburn as host. However, that July 1973, CBS had brought Match Game back after a four-year hiatus and Gene landed that job. As the new version of He Said, She Said was launched in February 1974, it would be renamed Tattletales with Bert Convy as host.