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Hawaii Five-O/See How She Runs

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See How She Runs
Airdate March 31, 1977
Production Number 1310-1729-0621
Writer(s) Anne Collins
Director(s) Harvey Laidman
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Requiem for a Saddle-Bronc Rider
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Practical Jokes Can Kill You
Hawaii Five-OSeason Nine

See How She Runs is the twenty-third episode of the ninth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Star: Jessica Harper (Sunny Mandell)

Special Guest Star: Biff McGuire (Babe Mandell)

Co-Starring: Steve Carlson (Osiris), Lynn Ellen Hollinger (Liana), Kwan Hi Lim (Maiki), Roland Nip (Cloud), Ehukai Teves (Rainbow), Luella Costello (Mariah), Jim McInerny (Tourist), Teri Foster Brooks (Rhyme), Logan Clarke (Hippie), Roland Naauao (H.P.D. Officer), Valerie Charles (Karma), Jack Hisatake (Disco Owner), Terrance Paul (Young Man), Paul Shenar (Todd Daniels)


Plot Overview

The daughter of a mainland cop is framed for murder and goes on the run, with McGarrett, her father and the real killer in pursuit.


The grand old mansion turned hippie/cult hangout where much of this episode was filmed was one of the first homes on Mt. Tantalus with beautiful views of Waikiki and Diamond Head, and the Pacific. Originally built by the descendants of one of the early missionary families in Hawaii, located on Beckwith St. in Manoa Valley, a community of Honolulu, and so possibly built by the Beckwith family. The house was torn down around 2003 or earlier. At the time of the filming the home was inhabited by a kind old man named Uncle Bob who rented the rooms to University of Hawaii students and showed gospel films on Friday nights with a big old movie projector.