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Season Four
Hart of Dixie
Season Premiere December 15, 2014
Season Finale March 27, 2015
Episode Count 10

Season Three



Season Four of Hart of Dixie premiered on December 15, 2014.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
67 1 Kablang Leila Gerstein David Paymer December 15, 2014 1.22M 0.4% 3J5451
Zoe is excited that Wade has decided to stay in BlueBell. However, she is struggling with getting him to notice her attempts at romantic gestures. Brick is surprised when he gets a knock on his door from someone from his past. Meanwhile, George and Lavon are on the outs after realizing they both want the same thing.
68 2 The Curling Iron April Blair Michael Schultz January 16, 2015 1.14M 0.4% 3J5452
Confused by Zoe's attempts to make amends, Wade seeks love advice from Lemon, while Zoe does her best to focus on work instead of her Wade problems. Lemon and Brick are attempting to keep the truth about their respective love lives a secret from Grandma Bettie. Meanwhile, Lavon and George begrudgingly work together to get the real scoop on Lemon's new boyfriend Henry.
69 3 The Very Good Bagel Kendall Sand Richard W. Abramitis January 23, 2015 1.22M 0.5% 3J5453
After weeks of going back and forth with their relationship problems, Zoe and Wade finally start making progress. Lemon reminisces about her high school days and enlists Annabeth and Crickett to crash George's parents' lake house. While rescuing the girls from their fun night, George and Lavon make drastic decisions regarding their love lives.
70 4 Red Dye #40 Tamar Laddy,
Ari Posner
Bethany Rooney January 30, 2015 1.02M 0.3% 3J5454
When Lavon hears of Lemon's financial woes, he organizes a BlueBell talent show, giving the townspeople, including Lemon, a chance to win some extra money. However, with the contestants feeling intimidated by Shelby's participation, her sudden illness before her performance becomes a mystery the entire town tries to solve. Meanwhile, Zoe and Wade find themselves in a compromising situation that would require them to reveal their current relationship status.
71 5 Bar-Be-Q Burritos Adam Milch Les Butler February 6, 2015 1.24M 0.5% 3J5455
After making a long list of things to do before the baby arrives, Zoe and Wade realize they need to earn more money. Trying to keep Zoe from getting stressed out, Wade lies to her about how great the Rammer Jammer is doing. In an effort to bring customers back to the Rammer Jammer, Wade secures a surprise musical performance. Meanwhile, Lemon and Lavon are trying hard to move on with their lives, but when they run into each other at a Singles Hoedown, they realize it might be easier said than done.
72 6 Alabama Boys Leila Gerstein,
April Blair
Mary Lou Belli February 20, 2015 1.21M 0.4% 3J5456
After Zoe and Wade learn the gender of their baby, they are struck with the realization that neither one of them is ready for parenthood. BlueBell is in contention for hosting the state football championship, but only if they partner with the rival town of Fillmore. Begrudgingly, Lemon helps convince Lavon to talk to his nemesis, but he needs AnnaBeth's (Kaitlyn Black) help to get him close to the Mayor. Meanwhile, Brick gets a surprise from his past that shakes him to his core.
73 7 The Butterstick Tab Amy Roy Ricardo Mendez Matta February 27, 2015 1.19M 0.4% 3J5457
Zoe gets upset when she sees Wade flirt with a few ladies, so she forces him to change his ways. Needing some guidance, Wade turns to Lavon for help, but soon finds himself in even worse trouble. Lemon is blindsided by someone from her past and must make a tough decision on how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, George and AnnaBeth try to make their own new adventures together, but are finding it harder than they thought.
74 8 61 Candles April Blair,
Tamar Laddy
Brandi Bradburn March 6, 2015 1.11M 0.4% 3J5458
Zoe gets sad when she realizes she doesn't have an heirloom to pass down to their child, so Wade makes it his mission to find something from one of their pasts. Brick is disappointed when everyone forgets his birthday, so when Lavon and Wade invite Brick on a fishing excursion, he thinks he is being led to a surprise party. Lemon and Zoe try make plans to have a girls' day, but things do not go as planned. Meanwhile, George's parents come to town and they are shocked by who he is dating and his new job.
75 9 End of Days Adam Milch,
Kendall Sand
Tim Matheson March 20, 2015 1.08M 0.4% 3J5459
AnnaBeth is visited in a dream by BlueBell's founder, who prophesies five omens about the end of BlueBell. Not taking it seriously, AnnaBeth shares her dream with Crickett who tells everyone and creates a town-wide panic. Zoe and Wade are surprised when it comes out that they have very different opinions about marriage. Meanwhile, George is at a crossroads when he gets an offer that could change his life forever.
76 10 Bluebell Leila Gerstein David Payer March 27, 2015 1.33M 0.4% 3J5460
As Zoe and Wade try to work out their issues, Zoe makes a life-changing decision and Wade does everything he can to make it happen before their baby is born. Lavon feels guilty about misleading Lemon and is determined to make things right. Meanwhile, George and AnnaBeth are frustrated with their current situation, leaving them with a big decision to be made.

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