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Happy Days/Get a Job

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Get a Job
Airdate February 25, 1975
Production Number
Writer(s) Bill Idelson
Director(s) Jerry Paris
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The Howdy Doody Show
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Fonzie Joins the Band
Happy DaysSeason Two

Guest Starring: Leslie Charleson (Dorothy Kimber)

Also Co-Starring: Beatrice Colen (Marsha)


Plot Overview

Ralph and Potsie let their imaginations run wild while they help Richie Cunningham fix a fence for a beautiful divorcée, especially after she asks Richie to have dinner with her when the job is done.


Behind the Scenes

The attractive divorcee Dorothy comes to the door dressed in pure 1970s fashion unthinkable in the 1950s: hairstyle, polyester bell bottom slacks, a blouse knotted up to expose the midriff.

Allusions and References

The title is from the doo-wop song "Get a Job" recorded by The Silhouettes in October 1957 and reached the number one spot on the Billboard pop and R&B singles charts in February 1958.