Gunsmoke/Unloaded Gun

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Unloaded Gun
Airdate January 14, 1961
Production Number 30159
Writer(s) John Meston (teleplay)
Marian Clark (story)
Director(s) Jesse Hibbs
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Bad Sheriff
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Tall Trapper
GunsmokeSeason Six

Guest Stars: William Redfield (Joe Lime), Lew Brown (Red Lime), Hank Patterson (Carl Miller), Gregg Dunn (Bob Carter), James Malcolm (Harry), Clem Fuller (Clem), Bobby Goodwins (Boy), Rik Nervik (Townsman)


Plot Overview

Red and Joe Lime are no-good murderous brothers, and Matt has to track 'em down out on the prairie. Trouble is, Matt comes down with a fever due to missing out on so much sleep in the last couple of weeks. This situation causes some serious problems for all involved when Matt has to return to Dodge because he is too sick to pursue the Lime brothers.