Gunsmoke/The Miracle Man

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The Miracle Man
Airdate December 2, 1968
Production Number 1615-0313
Writer(s) Calvin Clements
Director(s) Bernard McEveety
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GunsmokeSeason Fourteen

Guest Stars: Don Chastain (Bob Sullivan), Sandra Smith (Lorna Wright), William Bramley (Miller), Buck Taylor (Newly), Joseph Walsh (Gerard Miller), Bruce Watson (Howard Miller), Lisa Gerritsen (Nettie Wright), Margie DeMeyer (Prudence Wright), Kevin Cooper (Jacob Wright), John Crawford (Drunk), Christopher Knight (Boy)


Plot Overview

Bob Sullivan, a con man, comes to Dodge City to bilk willing customers. He becomes involved in a struggle between a widow, Lorna Wright, and a wealthy rancher who wishes to buy part of Lorna's farm. Bob conspires with the rancher to swindle Lorna, but is captivated by her gravely ill daughter, Nettie. In the end, Bob cannot go through with the swindle. He surrenders to Matt and an impending prison sentence, promising Nettie and Lorna that he will return someday.