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V for Vitamins
Gilligan's Island-2x30.jpg
Season 2, Episode 30
Airdate April 14, 1966
Writer(s) Barney Slater
Director(s) Jack Arnold
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The Friendly Physician
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Mr. and Mrs. ???
Gilligan's IslandSeason Two
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V for Vitamins is the thirtieth episode of the second season of Gilligan's Island, and the sixty-sixth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Patrick Denver (a young Gilligan)


Plot Overview

The Castaways are on the verge of suffering a threat to their health.To counter a Vitamin Defeicince loss,they start planting seed to grow their own Citrus Fruits.Gilligan is on watch one night to make sure the torches keeping the Seeds warm do not burn out.Gilligan falls asleep,and dreams he is Jack of Jack,and the Beanstalk.Lovey gives Gilligan her Jewelry to exchange for a half a dozen Oranges.On his way to make the exchange,Gilligan meets a Conman who persuades him to exchange his Mothers Jewelry for a Bag of Magic Beans After the exchange,Gilligan brings the Bag of Beans Home to his Mother.She is not happy to say the lease.She throws the Bag of Beans out the Window,and they soon grow into a Beanstalk.Gilligan climbs the Beanstalk.He sees a Giant Castle.He rings the Giant Bell.A Maid(Mary Ann) answers the Door.She greets Gilligan,and forwarns him about the Giant.Gilligan spots the Giant Goose which lays many Golden Eggs for the Giant.The Giant approaches,and Gilligan hides.The Giant(Skipper) smells Gilligan hiding,and chases after him.The Giants hears a disturbance.He goes to investigates the disturbance.This gives Gilligan the opportunity to take the Giants Goose.Before he does,he,and Mary Ann rescue two people that the Giant had locked up.The Woman(Ginger),and the Man(Professor).While Mary Ann helps them escape.Gilligan is caught by the returning Giant.He awakens.The Professor has great news:He has found more Citrus Fruits.The Castaways Health are saved.


Arc Advancement


The Skipper is trying to lift a Wooden Branch,but is unabled to.Mr.Howell tries to steal Gilligans Orange,but instead steal his Tennis Ball.


Gilligan,Skipper,Howell,Lovey,Ginger,The Professor,and Mary Ann.



In his Dream sequence where the Skipper is chasing after Jack,the boy he is chasing is Bob Denver's Son.

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

While the Castaways are arguing about who should eat the Orange on the table,the Orange drys up.Mr.Howell doing an impression of W.C.Fields,in Gilligan's dream.