Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan's Island
Gilligans Island-Title.jpg
Premiere September 26, 1964
Finale April 17, 1967
Creator Sherwood Schwartz
Network CBS
Style 30-minute sitcom
B&W (season 1),
Color (seasons 2-3)
Company Gladasya Productions,
United Artists Television,
Distributor United Artists Television (1967–1982)
MGM/UA Television (1982–1986)
Turner Program Services (1986–1996)
Warner Bros. Television (1996– )
Seasons 3
Episodes 98 + pilot + 3 TV movies
Origin USA

Gilligan's Island is a sitcom that aired on CBS.

The set-up is well known (and critically reviled) by the theme song alone: A charter boat with a captain and his first mate welcome five passengers on a three-hour tour when the boat is tossed around by a violent storm at sea. The boat—the S.S. Minnow—is beached on a deserted island, leaving the seven castaways to fend for themselves and find a way to get off the island.

Given that critics hated the show with a passion, it ran a remarkable three seasons and went into endless reruns in syndication thereafter. Viewers have made a number of questions regarding incongruities (such as the crew's wardrobe considering they were only supposed to be out for three hours, how much battery power is in the Professor's radio, etc.), but given the broad, cartoonish manner in which the show plays, it would be useless to answer those questions.

Following the show, two animated spin-offs were produced featuring most of the original cast returning to voice. The New Adventures of Gilligan was basically an animated version of this show while Gilligan's Planet had a similar premise, but the characters were deserted on a whole different planet instead of just an island. There were also three live-action reunion TV movies.

Gilligan's Island was produced by Gladasya Productions and United Artists Television in association with CBS. The series copyright is now co-owned by Turner Entertainment (which briefly owned UATV's successor-in-interest, MGM/UA Television [now MGM Television] after purchasing it in 1986) and the estate of Phil Silvers (the successor-in-interest to Gladasya), with distribution handled by Warner Bros. Television.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Bob Denver Gilligan 1 2 3
Alan Hale, Jr. Jonas "Skipper" Grumby 1 2 3
Jim Backus Thurston J. Howell III 1 2 3
Natalie Schafer Eunice "Lovey" Wentworth Howell 1 2 3
Tina Louise Ginger Grant 1 2 3
Russell Johnson Roy "Professor" Hinkley, Jr. 1 2 3
Dawn Wells Mary Ann Summers 1 2 3


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 26, 1964 June 12, 1965 36 + 1
Season Two September 16, 1965 April 28, 1966 32
Season Three September 12, 1966 April 17, 1967 30

TV Movies

Title Network Airdate
Rescue from Gilligan's Island NBC October 14, 1978
The Castaways on Gilligan's Island NBC May 3, 1979
The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island NBC May 15, 1981


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Complete Series November 6, 2007 9


Season Sets
The Complete First Season February 3, 2004 3


The Complete Second Season January 11, 2005 3


The Complete Third Season July 26, 2005 3


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