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Where There's a Will
Season 3, Episode 6
Airdate October 17, 1966
Production Number 1625-0505
Written by Sid Mandel and
Roy Kammerman
Directed by Charles Norton
Produced by Sherwood Schwartz
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Man with a Net
Gilligan's IslandSeason Three
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Where There's a Will is the sixth episode of the third season of Gilligan's Island, and the seventy-fourth episode overall.

Starring: Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale (Skipper)

Also Starring: Jim Backus (Thurston J. Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell)

and Also Starring: Tina Louise (Ginger Grant)

with Russell Johnson (The Professor), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)


Plot Overview

Mr.Howell makes out his will leaving various fortunes to his fellow Castaways.Each receives a generous portion of Howells Holdings.Later on however,Howell begins to suspect that his fellow Castaways are plotting against him.Several strange things begin happening which makes Howell believe that the others are out to murder him.When he overhears a discussion of the others planning to kill the old Boar,he is convinced that they are all conspiring to do him in,and celebrating with a roast pig.What Mr.Howell really overheard was the other castaways planning a surprize party in his honor.The old Boar that they were discussing was the old Pig which they were hunting to be the Feast of the party.Mr.Howell packs,and leaves to go on the other side of the Island.When the castaways learn of the misunderstanding,they form a search party to go look for Howell.Mr.Howell fakes his death to avoid the others hunting him down.He places his Hat near some quicksand.Finding his Hat,the others including wife Lovey are convinced that Mr.Howell is dead.They give him a tearful eulogy.Howell is watching his own funeral from atop a tree having climbed atop one.When he listens to how everybody truly feels about him,and they rip up the papers containing the propertys that Mr.Howell had willed to them,he is touched,realizing that they all truly care for him.Mr.Howell then loses his balance in the tree,and falls,attracting everybodies attention.They all gather around him,happy to see him alive.Howell would later be told about the misunderstanding.Saying that he has never been more happier to be alive is an understatement.The planned Party is in progress when a Large Cake is brought out.Inside the Cake is his wife Lovey who pops out of the wheeled Cake.


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Memorable Moments


  • Mr. Howell: That's just like a Howell for ya. Always in the dough.