Gilligan's Island/Topsy-Turvy

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Season 3, Episode 10
Airdate November 14, 1966
Production Number 1625-0511
Written by Elroy Schwartz
Directed by Gary Nelson
Produced by Sherwood Schwartz
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The Invasion
Gilligan's IslandSeason Three
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Topsy-Turvy is the tenth episode of the third season of Gilligan's Island, and the seventy-eighth episode overall.

Starring: Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale (Skipper)

Also Starring: Jim Backus (Thurston J. Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell)

and Also Starring: Tina Louise (Ginger Grant)

with Russell Johnson (The Professor), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)

Additional Cast: Eddie Little Sky, Allen Jaffe, Roman Gabriel (Natives)


Plot Overview

Gilligan,The Skipper,and The Professor are moving very silently towards a Cave that they will be hiding in.The reason is the Drums which are beating.War Drums from some Headhunters who have arrived on the Island.While checking out their potential hiding place,Gilligan accidentally bumps his Forehead on the entrance.The impact makes him see things,and people upside down.The Professor works to find a cure for Gilligans condition.In each attempt results become worst,until The Professor recalls a simple solution to the effects.This solution is Water.Gilligan needs to drink Water with his eyes close,and he will be cured.By the time the Professor recalls this cure,the Headhunters have captured Mary Ann,Ginger,and The Howells.They would then take The Skipper,and The Professor.With most of the Castaways locked in a Cage,it is up to Gilligan to rescue them.Gilligan sees his fellow Castaways in a Cage,and realizing that he is outnumbered,he recalls one of the Professors Formula which makes objects,and people see double,and triple.Gilligan pretends to drink the Formula in front of the Headhunters,to trick them into becoming curious enough to make them want to drink the Formula themselves.Gilligans ploy worked.He relays the plan to the others,and as they drink the Formula,they begin to see double,and triple of the Castaways.Believing the Castaways are too many for the m to fight,The Headhunters run in fright,they jump into the Lagoon,and swim away from the Island.The Castaways free,they each thank Gilligan for saving their lives.


Arc Advancement


The Headhunters are beating their Drums,until the Drummer beats a Hole in it.The Howells,and the Women are in search for Berries to help Gilligan regain his eyesight.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

The Skipper standing on his head to talk to Gilligan who still sees thing upside down.The near close calls that the Castaways in nearly getting captured before they are captured.The reaction of the Headhunters after drinking the Professors Formula.Believing in seeing what they believe to be dozens of the Castaways,running,and swimming away into the Lagoon.