Get Smart/The Girls from KAOS

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The Girls from KAOS
Season 2, Episode 20
Airdate February 4, 1967
Production Number 050
Writer(s) Joseph C. Cavella,
Carol Cavella
Director(s) William Wiard
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The Man from YENTA
Get SmartSeason Two

Guest Stars: Tisha Sterling (Miss USA), Valerie Hawkins (Miss Transmania), Sidney Clute (Transmanian), Virginia Lee (Miss Formosa), Stacy Keach (Carlson)


Plot Overview

On a dark night,a young woman is running from an unknown assailant.She continues to run until she reaches Max's Apartment.She knocks on the door,Max answers,the woman faints.Max revives her.She clinges to Max.The woman tells Max that somebody is trying to kidnap her.The reason for her running to Max'a Apartment because she was told that if she ever needed help to go to him.The woman is the daughter of a famous renowned Scientist.Max calls the Chief,to tell him about the young woman.The Chief confirms the womans story,as The Chief is a friend of this Famous Scientist.He wants Max to let the woman stay at his Apartment,and Max is to stay with The Chief.This resoning is for moral purposes.Max will leave the young woman with a gun to protect herself,and will see her in the morning.The following morning,at CONTROL Headquarters,Max,The Chief,and the woman whose last name Heinschmit discuss the attempted abduction.As it turns out,the woman will be entering a Miss Universe Contest.The Contest will have mant women from around the World entering.Having found out that Miss Heinschmit will be one of the entrees,KAOS(to whom The Chief suspects of the attempted abduction)tried to kidnap Miss Heimschmit.She would like The Chief,and Max to call her Miss USA.Since her Father is a World renowned Scientist,Kaos is eager to get their hands on him.Abducting his daughter would force him to do KAOS'S bidding.The Chief,and Max advse Miss USA to drop out of the Contest,for her own safety.She begs the differ.She is not afraid as she loves entering Pageants.Having come to trust Max,she willing take any risk to stop KAOS.Both Max,and The Chief agree use her to help KAOS'S scheme.Throughout this episode,Max,and Miss USA have several close calls.Max using an Umbrella Camera takes many pictures of the Entrees.One pictur turns out to be a KAOS Agent in drag.In the end,Max,and ironically,KAOS prevents their scheme from success,as three of it's Agent kill each other.




Max:(punching a KAOS Agent in drag repeatedly,looks up at several men)"Well,she started it"