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The Problem with Popplers
Season 2, Episode 18
Airdate May 7, 2000
Production Number 2ACV15
Writer(s) teleplay
Patric M. Verrone
Patric M. Verrone,
Darin Henry
Director(s) Chris Suave,
Gregg Vanzo
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FuturamaSeason Two
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The Problem with Popplers is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Futurama, and the twenty-seventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Byrne Offutt (Utility Player), Phil Hendrie (Himself, Free Waterfall Junior)


Plot Overview

Fry,Leela,and Bender land on a Planet unknown to them where they are seeking a new source of Food.They come across some small substances.Leela checks with her ristlink to find out if the substances are edible,and not poisonous.They are for the former,but not for the latter.They all taste the treats,and become hooked.They stuff the Planet Express Ship full of the edible substances.They gives some of the treats to their Planet Express Co-Workers.They also become hooked on the treats.Bender has a brainstorm of an idea.His idea is to sell the tasty edibles.They first have to come up with a name for the edible treats.After searching the Computers for a non-copyrighted name,they decide on the name Popplers.They begin selling their tasty Popplers.Citizens buy their treat for a dollar a bag.One customer having tried the tasty Popplers finds the tasty treats delicious.So,much so that he offers the Planet Express Crew a small percentage to sell their treats at his Restaurant.This Man is Fishy Joe Gilman,an Owner of a string of Fishy Joe Restaurants.The Popplers soon become a big success.Everybody with the exception of some Protestors are enjoying the edible treats.The Planet Express Crew starting with Leela would soon discover that the tasty treats are tiny Alien Creatures.The Planet for which they took the tiny creatures are actually from a Nursery belonging to an advanced Alien Planet.It's inhabitants soon learn about the Earth People consumption of their Babies.In a Conference with Zapp Brannigan,the Alien Leader Lurr gives his demands that for every tiny alien eatened,they the Omicrons demand an equal number of Earth Person to be eatened.The amount is too staggering,way too many.But,as Kiff whispers to Zapp there are not that many Persons on Earth.So, after more talk,an agreement is reached.The Omicrons will only eat the first person that had eatened their young.That person turns out on the Aliens Nannie Cam is Leela.Leela is put in a Cage awaiting to be eatened by Lurr.The event is to take place in a large Coloseum.Leela awaits her fate backstage.with Fry,and Bender.However,Zapp has a plan to prevent Leela from being eatened.His plan wouls be foiled,but an unexpectant friend of Leela would prevent her from this near fate.The Alien,and later the Planet Express Crew learn that difeerent lessons on what to eat,and what not to eat.


Another appearance by the Omicron Aliens.

Arc Advancement


The Omicron Aliens make their surprise appearance.


Fry,Leela,Bender,Professor Farnsworth,Amy,Hermes,Zoigberg,Fishy Joe Gelman,Lurr,etc.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • When Leela crashes the ship through a Fishy Joe's billboard, Fry comments that it's "the second billboard [she's] crashed this week", a reference to Futurama's opening sequence, where the credits end with the ship crashing into a billboard.

Memorable Moments

The Nannie Cam showing Leela consuming the tiny creatures.Fry,and Bender singing in a Recording Booth.The tiny Alien Creature running towards,and jumping into Leela's mouth( to save her from getting eatened )Lurr scooping Free Waterfall Jr, in his mouth.


  • [Lrr has just eaten Free Waterfall, Jr.]
    Lrr : People of Earth... Whoa, that hippie's starting to kick in... We've all learned a valuable lesson today... Dude, my hands are HUGE! They can touch anything... but themselves. (clasps hands together) Oh wait.


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