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Love's Labors Lost in Space
Love's Labors Lost in Space
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate April 13, 1999
Production Number 1ACV04
Writer(s) Brian Kelley
Director(s) Brian Sheesley
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FuturamaSeason One

Love's Labors Lost in Space is the fourth episode of the first season of Futurama, and the fourth episode overall. The crew are on a mission to Vergon 6 to save animals when they are stopped by Zapp Brannigan who attempts to seduce Leela.

Guest Stars: David X. Cohen ("Vergon 6" (uncredited))


Plot Overview

Leela has been having trouble in her love life and so Amy suggests that they all go to a club, The Hip Joint. The club has a retro theme and so everyone wears rings, although they all think that thye are stupid. Leela meets a few guys, such as one made of pure energy, but doesn't find anyone she likes. Fry meets a girl from the 21st century and pays Bender to stay somewhere else for the night. The next day Professor Farnsworth tells them of a mission to Vergon 6 to save two of each animal because the planet is about to explode.

On the mission they are stopped by the spaceship led by Zapp Brannigan, a famous war hero for defeating the killbots. When they tell him of their mission they are thrown into prison because people are not supposed to go to undeveloped planets. Zapp brings Leela to his quarters to attempt to seduce her. She rejects him at first but takes pity when he starts crying about being lonely and sleeps with him. This works to sway him to let them visit the planet, where they go and retrieve all of the animals. However one small animal, whom Leela names Nibbler, has eatten all of the others. Without time to collect more, they are forced to try to leave. However Bender forgot to fuel up before and the engine won't start. Luckily Nibbler excretes dark matter, which is the fuel Planet Express runs off of, and they escape before the planet explodes.


Title Sequence Quote
  • "presented in BC [Brain Control] where available"

Arc Advancement



  • Zapp Brannigan, Kif, and Nibbler all make their first appearance.
    • Zapp Brannigan: Zapp is an officer and decorated war hero best known for defeating the killbots.
    • Kif: Kif is Zapp's assistant, and according to Zapp his most loyal crew member and best friend. However Kif talks bad about Zapp behind his back and seems annoyed at anything he says.
    • Nibbler: Nibbler is a cute ankle-height mammal that devours animals 20x his size. Fortunately he also excretes dark matter which is used as fuel in intergalactic space ships.



The Show

  • Zapp doesn't wear any underwear under his miniskirt, as is evident when Kif follows him up the ladder.
  • The animals on Leela's checklist on Vergon 6 are: Purple Fruit Snake, Sharktopus, Chilean Space Bass, Parasite Puppy, Gretchen Mole, Windy Shrimp, Vampire Slug, Excommunicated Cardinal, Four-legged mimic, Molotev Cocatoo, and Hermaphlamingos.
  • Vergon 6 has six moons.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • Fry gets the bright idea that he and Bender can escape from the prison Zapp has placed them in if Bender will just bender the cap off the steam pipe. Bender does so, and steam comes rushing out. Even though now they can't escape, they do take the opportunity to sit in a sauna.


  • Amy: You just have to give guys a chance. Sometimes you meet a guy and think he's a pig. But then later you realize he actually has a really good body.
    Leela: Thank you all for the inspiring advice but I'm perfectly happy with my life the way it is...
    Bender: Sounds like a cry for help!
  • Fry: I betcha Leela's holding out for a nice guy with one eye.
    Bender: That'll take forever. What she oughta do is find a nice guy with two eyes and poke one out.
    Fry: Yeah, that'd be a time saver.


  • Overall Grade: C+, 1 review
  • Review Breakdown: A+: 0 A: 0 A-: 0 B+: 0 B: 0 B-: 0 C+: 1 C: 0 C-: 0 D: 0 F: 0
  • C+: Besides the introduction of Zapp, Kif, and Nibbles, the episode is uneventful. It seemed more like a vehicle to focus on a character other than Fry for a change, Leela. It's too bad that they had to take the opportunity to focus on the lead female character by going with the old cliché of her love life. Nevertheless, the chemistry between Zapp and Kif is evident here and easily makes up for the typical sex-crazed aspect of the rest of Zapp's character. The ending is somewhat ironic, but not in a profound enough way to make up for a pretty average episode. --MateoP 00:10, 20 August 2006 (EDT)