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Gia Mahan
Full House
Actor Marla Sokoloff
First Appearance 7x05 - Fast Friends
Last Appearance 8x24 - Michelle Rides Again (2)
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 22
Notable Episodes 7x05 - Fast Friends
Also Appears On Fuller House

Gia Mahan is Stephanie's best friend in the later seasons.


Basic Information

At first Stephanie and Gia don't like each other. Eventually, they become best friends. Gia is not good at school. Stephanie once magnified her report card and put it on a memoboard out of revenge. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her mother, Claire. She's very adventurous and likes doing dangerous or forbidden things. She prefers to go her own way, and often doesn't listen to what others tell her to do.

Character History

Memorable Moments