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Season Two
Fresh Off the Boat
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Season Premiere September 22, 2015
Season Finale May 24, 2016
Episode Count 24



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Season Two of Fresh Off the Boat premiered on September 22, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
14 1 Family Business Trip Nahnatchka Khan Lynn Shelton September 22, 2015 3.398M 0.8% 2AXT01
When Louis is forced to bring his family on a business trip to Gator World, Jessica learns the art of relaxation and Eddie takes on the "Death Roll." Meanwhile, Evan loses his last baby tooth but isn't ready to join the big kid club.
15 2 Boy II Man Matt Kuhn Claire Scanlon September 29, 2015 4.735M 1.7% 2AXT02
Nicole convinces Eddie to ditch piccolo and become her tutor, then ends up ditching him when she meets a new boy. Crushed, Eddie stops eating and listens to Boyz II Men's "End of the Road" on repeat. Jessica is confused by his behavior and seeks parenting advice from Honey. Meanwhile, Louis longs for a daughter which makes Emery and Evan panic that they will be forced to move out of their room.
16 3 Shaquille O’Neal Motors Keith Heisler Lynn Shelton October 6, 2015 4.849M 1.8% 2AXT03
It's Louis and Jessica's wedding anniversary and Louis plans a romantic evening out - to the car dealership. Meanwhile, Evan and his "friends" help Eddie buy The Hot Dogger, a hot dog-shaped water slide.
17 4 The Fall Ball Jeff Chiang Tristram Shapeero October 13, 2015 3.958M 1.4% 2AXT04
As Eddie’s first school dance approaches, Louis is determined to make the night as perfect as a John Hughes film. Meanwhile, Jessica spends the day with Grandma Huang in hopes of getting on her good side so she will invest in her new business venture.
18 5 Miracle on Dead Street Eric Ziobrowski Bill Purple October 27, 2015 4.066M 1.5% 2AXT05
It's the Huangs' first Halloween in the suburbs and Louis is determined to turn their "dead" street into a prime destination for trick-or-treaters. And as Louis, Eddie, Emery, Evan and even Grandma Huang show off their elaborate costumes, Jessica has bigger plans - to protect her investment property from teenage pranksters.
19 6 Good Morning Orlando Camilla Blackett Phil Traill November 3, 2015 4.452M 1.6% 2AXT06
Louis goes on a local morning talk show to promote Cattleman's Ranch and fears he humiliated himself and poorly represented his culture. Meanwhile, Eddie and his friends are confused about who their girlfriends are and attempt to sort it out during a group date at the skating rink.
20 7 The Big 1-2 Rachna Fruchbom Lynn Shelton November 10, 2015 3.77M 1.3% 2AXT07
It's Eddie's 12th birthday and instead of celebrating with his family, he plans his own birthday party with his friends at the mall. When confronted about his secret party, Eddie confesses that the Huang family rules are stifling his true persona. So Louis and Jessica agree to loosen the reigns and let him go to a sleepover at Dave's house. Meanwhile, Emery and Evan purposely misbehave to gain attention from their parents.
21 8 Huangsgiving David Smithyman Gail Mancuso November 17, 2015 3.898M 1.4% 2AXT08
The Huangs are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and Jessica is determined to out-do her sister who has hosted in years past. Clipboard in hand, Louis puts Emery and Evan on table décor duty while he and Jessica prepare the perfect feast. But despite their best-laid plans, unexpected mishaps and hangovers force Louis and Jessica to scramble to get an edible meal on the dining table. Meanwhile, Eddie and his cousin discover the power of the Internet.
22 9 We Done Son Ali Wong Bill Purple December 1, 2015 3.661M 1.3% 2AXT09
Jessica and Honey's friendship hits a rough patch after an argument about the investment property. Louis's old friend Barry overstays his welcome. And Eddie starts a part-time job working for DMX.
23 10 The Real Santa Kourtney Kang Henry Chen December 8, 2015 3.942M 1.2% 2AXT10
Jessica loves the holidays but feels that Santa could use some improvements. So she and Louis convince Evan that Santa is a scientist with multiple post-graduate degrees from Princeton and has a close relationship with his mother. Meanwhile, Eddie and Emery are struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for their mother.
24 11 Year of the Rat Sheng Wang Ken Whittingham February 2, 2016 5.161M 1.4% 2AXT13
The Huangs are getting everything in order to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family in Washington, D.C. But a mix-up with their plane tickets forces them to spend the holiday in Orlando. Scrambling to find other Asians to celebrate with, they stumble upon the Asian-American Association of Orlando, which is hosting a less than authentic interpretation of a Chinese New Year celebration.
25 12 Love and Loopholes Jeff Chiang Phil Traill February 9, 2016 4.228M 1.2% 2AXT16
Honey and Marvin babysit the boys so Jessica and Louis can enjoy a Valentine's Day evening out. But Emery makes an alarming discovery when he walks in on his parents' special alone time. Meanwhile, Eddie pulls out all the stops to take Alison to the Janet Jackson concert.
26 13 Phil's Phaves Rich Blomquist Alisa Statman February 16, 2016 4.639M 1.3% 2AXT11
Louis and Jessica are reeling after Cattleman's Ranch receives a less-than-desirable review on the website Phil's Phaves. Determined to make it right, they invite the critic back to the restaurant and are shocked to discover that Phillip Goldstein is the reviewer. When he gives them an even lower grade the second time around, Louis and Jessica go all out to bring him and his website down. Meanwhile, Eddie's romantic mix tape for Alison gets into the wrong hands.
27 14 Michael Chang Fever Sanjay Shah Bill Purple February 23, 2016 4.59M 1.2% 2AXT12
Louis and Jessica learn that Emery has great potential to be the next Chinese-American tennis super star. But after hiring tennis legend Billie Jean King to take Emery to the next level, they realize she may be taking the training too far. Meanwhile, Eddie helps Evan pay off a gambling debt.
28 15 Keep 'Em Separated Matt Kuhn Jude Weng March 8, 2016 4.94M 1.4% 2AXT15
Louis keeps crashing Jessica's girl time with Honey, so she encourages him to make some friends of his own. But when his new friend ends up being an attractive woman from the pool hall, Jessica gets jealous and tries to become Louis' new pool buddy. Meanwhile, Eddie is unnerved when Alison buddies up with his former crush Nicole.
29 16 Tight Two Keith Heisler Lynn Shelton March 15, 2016 4.095M 1.1% 2AXT14
Louis prides himself on being a fun dad, but after he has an accident and is forced to stay home with the boys, he scrambles to find ways to entertain the kids. And while Louis is stuck at home, Jessica struggles to manage the staff and the new takeout service at Cattleman's Ranch.
30 17 Doing It Right Eric Ziobrowski Christine Gernon March 22, 2016 4.625M 1.2% 2AXT17
Jessica gets into a tangle with another mom and worries that she is the reason why Evan was uninvited to his best friend's birthday party. Meanwhile, Louis and Eddie are busy perfecting their secret family recipe for the North Orlando Chili Cook-Off.
31 18 Week in Review Kourtney Kang Claire Scanlon March 29, 2016 4.63M 1.2% 2AXT18
There's no question that Louis and Jessica make a great team. They each do their part to make sure everything runs smoothly at home, at the restaurant and the investment property. But when Eddie comes home with lice and infects others in the family, Louis leaves it to Jessica to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to back out of a bet he made with his teacher, and his classmates suffer the consequences.
32 19 Jessica Place Abbey Caldwell Sean Kavanagh April 5, 2016 4.231M 1.1% 2AXT19
Jessica is obsessed with the primetime soap "Melrose Place" and is beside herself when the season comes to an end. So to fulfill her need for drama, Jessica and Honey do some snooping and discover a juicy secret about Deidre. Meanwhile, Louis and Eddie help Emery find a way to channel negative emotions.
33 20 Hi, My Name Is... Rachna Fruchbom Bill Purple April 26, 2016 4.697M 1.3% 2AXT21
Evan is thrilled to open his first bank account, but is unsure if he should use his American name or his Chinese name on the account. This leads to Louis and Jessica revealing how each of them acquired their American names and reminiscing about the first time they met.
34 21 Rent Day Camilla Blackett Jude Wang May 3, 2016 4.292M 1.1% 2AXT20
The flip house is finally finished, and Jessica convinces Honey and Grandma that they would make more money if they rent it out instead. Honey and Grandma are reluctant to get into the landlord business, but Jessica assures them that she will take care of everything. However, when the perfect renters become more of a nuisance, Jessica fears that she might be in over her head. Meanwhile, amateur detectives Emery and Evan, better known as "The Huang Boys," take on the mystery of Louis' missing watch.
35 22 Gotta Be Me David Smithyman Ken Whittingham May 10, 2016 3.908M 0.9% 2AXT22
Louis helps Emery become the cool kid at school and Jessica chaperones Eddie's field trip to Colonial Floridatowne, proving that she can be a fun mom.
36 23 The Manchurian Dinner Date Rich Blomquist Nahnatchka Khan May 17, 2016 4.23M 1.1% 2AXT23
Eddie is excited for his mom to meet his girlfriend Alison, but worries she will not approve since she is not Chinese. So with the help of a friend, Alison devises an elaborate plan to make a good impression on Jessica. Meanwhile, Emery enlists Louis to help him prepare his graduation speech, and Grandma attempts to make a new suit for Evan.
37 24 Bring the Pain Sanjay Shah Bill Purple May 24, 2016 4.876M 1.2% 2AXT24
Louis' estranged brother, Gene, comes to visit, and he has big news to share with the family. And Eddie tries to find creative ways to watch the latest Chris Rock age-inappropriate stand-up comedy special despite his parents' and brothers' disapproval.

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