Flipping Out/Season Ten

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Season Ten
Flipping Out
Season Premiere August 17, 2017
Season Finale October 19, 2017
Episode Count 10

Season Nine


Season Eleven

Season Ten of Flipping Out premiered on August 17, 2017.


# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
89 1 What Will Jeff Do? August 17, 2017 926k 0.29%
The countdown to the baby's due date leaves no time for slowing down. While demo at home in Valley Vista starts on the master suite, Jeff and his team continue to work with clients. Gage's stress is obvious, while Jeff channels his by focusing on a to-do list. His control over every situation causes him to lash out at those around him.
90 2 Two Week Notice August 24, 2017 872k 0.29%
After Vanina's breakdown, she continues to report to work, leaving her boss unsure of whether or not she is leaving for good. Jeff comes up on the opportunity to buy another house, which means more change on the horizon. Jenni has good news of her own to share, but a swift illness threatens her health and her hope for a growing family.
91 3 Well, Hello, Monroe August 31, 2017 986k 0.34%
Only one week from the baby's due date, Jeff and team rush to make final preparations and wrap up projects. Worried about missing the birth, they head to northern California to wait for the call. After years of research, nine months of pregnancy, and over a week of anticipation, Jeff and Gage finally meet their daughter.
92 4 Welcome Home, Monroe September 7, 2017 984k 0.34%
Jeff and Gage bring baby Monroe home and officially step into parenthood. After a three-month hiatus, major changes have taken place at the JLD office. Vanina is gone and they've seen a revolving door of nannies. The office assistant has also left, but not before writing a detailed criticism of his first 90 days at the office. Gage struggles to keep up with work while continuously checking on the baby. Jeff starts to get frustrated with his lack of focus, driving an even-deeper wedge between them.
93 5 Baby Brain September 14, 2017 1.024M 0.34%
Jeff Lewis refuses to let his newborn slow him down. He plans to move into his New Hollywood project in order to make room for construction to finish at Valley Vista. Gage continues to lag behind, leaving Jeff to wonder if the tension between them will ever subside.
94 6 Baby's First Move September 21, 2017 1.029M 0.35%
Moving day proves difficult for Jeff and Gage, as they have to work around Monroe's nap and feeding schedules. Following the tumultuous move back into Hollywood, the trio is finally able to settle into a routine. When his client introduces him to the "Queen of Versailles," Jackie Siegel, the group preps for a trip to the sunshine state.
95 7 Oh My, Versailles September 28, 2017 932k 0.27%
After months of drama, life at New Hollywood promises a fresh start. Jeff might finally have the support he's been looking for when Monroe’s newest nanny seems to be a great fit. Then the JLD team is off to Orlando to visit Jackie Siegel on her home turf and tour "Versailles," the largest house in the country also a potential new job for Jeff.
96 8 The Gema Dilemma October 5, 2017 964k 0.3%
Back from Orlando, Jeff is determined to push forward with all of his projects. He prepares his father Tom's condo for the market and schedules more demolition at Valley Vista. With current ventures under control, Jeff goes house hunting with one of his favorite clients, Jeanne Shaw. While business seems to be heading in the right direction, the childcare situation takes a turn for the worse.
97 9 The Good, the Bad, the Goodbye October 12, 2017 1.103M 0.33%
In the wake of Gema's exit, Jeff receives a text message full of shocking accusations. Drama ensues between the remaining housekeepers. Jeff and Gage juggle work and home life. When Jeff and Zoila meet, their conversation takes an unexpected turn.
98 10 Full Circle October 19, 2017 945k 0.27%
Jeff and Gage face numerous challenges, caring for a newborn, moving into a new home and pushing the business into different directions, but Monroe's baptism is an opportunity to celebrate their blessings.

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