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Fawlty Towers
Actor Brian Hall
First Appearance 2x01 - Communication Problems
Last Appearance 2x06 - Basil the Rat
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 6
Notable Episodes 2x03 - Waldorf Salad
2x05 - The Anniversary
2x06 - Basil the Rat

Terry, the chef at Fawlty Towers, is played by Brian Hall, and appears in 6 episodes of the show, achieving Billing in all of them.


Basic Information

Terry is unusual at Fawlty Towers, in that he is a relatively competent staff member—although his cleanliness habits leave much to be desired (2x06 - Basil the Rat). This cheerful, friendly, upbeat Cockney bloke is willing to both protect Polly and Manuel against Basil Fawlty, and protect Basil against the rest of the world—for a fee, if he has a hot date (2x03 - Waldorf Salad). However, like all chefs, he can be temperamental, and he becomes difficult when anyone infringes upon his territory in the kitchen (2x05 - The Anniversary).

Character History

Memorable Moments

  • 2x03 - Waldorf Salad: Basil asks Terry to stay late to serve two guests who arrived after the kitchen closed. Terry says he has a karate class, but he will stay late if Basil pays extra. But when Basil learns Terry's "karate class" is a tall Finnish blonde, he refuses to pay and instead decides to handle the guests himself.
  • 2x05 - The Anniversary: When Terry learns Basil has asked Manuel to make a paella for his anniversary party, Terry objects. He stymies Manuel's attempts to make the paella, insults the Spaniard and ends up rolling around on the floor in a fistfight with the hapless waiter.