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Road to Germany
Season 7, Episode 3
Airdate October 19, 2008
Written by Patrick Meighan
Directed by Greg Colton
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Family GuySeason Seven
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Road to Germany is the third episode of the seventh season of Family Guy, and the one hundred fourteenth episode overall.

The episode centers on Brian and Stewie traveling to the past to 1939 Nazi Germany, where Mort Goldman has accidentally transported himself to via a time machine. The episode nearly exclusively focuses on Brian, Stewie and Mort, with the other characters either not appearing at all or appearing very briefly in the opening scenes.

Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis


Plot Overview

The Griffins are hosting an Academy Awards party, where Mort Goldman is one of the guests. Mort uses the bathroom, but instead of the toilet, he accidentally uses Stewie's time machine. Brian and Stewie determine that Mort has been transported back in time ... to September 1, 1939 and a synagogue in Warsaw, Poland. They realize that this is the day of the Nazi invasion of Poland and they need to act quickly to save Mort (who does not have the time pad needed to return to the present).

When they attempt to use the return pad, they find out that it is broken, so they travel to England to repair it. The trip is hardly uneventful: the trio are chased by the Nazis and make their getaway on a motorbike; and they are involved in an undersea pursuit in a stolen U-boat. Once in London, Stewie realizes that the pad is out of fuel and requires uranium to work ... and the only place to obtain the uranium is at a "secret" nuclear test facility in Nazi Germany. On the way to Berlin, the three — as members of the Royal Air Force — engage in a dogfight against the Germas to reach their destination.

In Berlin, Stewie disguises himself as Adolf Hitler and obtains the uranium. On their way out of the facility, they run into the real Hitler, who is angered that someone would dare mock him and orders them captured and executed. However, Hitler offers to spare them if they perform a musical number. Brian and Stewie don hats and prepare to do just that ... but Mort herds them into the return pad and they make their escape.

Back at the Griffins in Quahog, the threesome arrive 30 seconds before Mort originally entered the room. Stewie — knowing that the events are about to repeat — kills the Mort that traveled with them and blows up his time machine. The real Mort then enters the room, needing to use the bathroom ... but this time, he doesn't quite make it to the toilet.


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