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Glen Quagmire
Family Guy
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Actor Seth MacFarlane
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Glenn Quagmire - frequently referred to simply as Quagmire - is a main recurring character on the television series Family Guy. He is a neighbor and close friend of the series' main protagonists, the Griffin family.


Basic Information

Quagmire's principal trait is his sexual preoccupation. Many of the show's gags and episode plots featuring Quagmire center on his wanton, sexually deviant behavior. Frequently, he will be seen in the company of women - most often, either illegal aliens and/or much younger women; in the latter instance, sometimes not realizing or caring that they are under the legal age of consent if such is the case. He often will indulge in extreme, bizzare sexual fantasies, and engages in criminal behavior (such as drugging prospective dates' drinks, so he can take them home to have sex with them). Sometimes, he will become sexually aroused in seemingly banal situations. During the school day, when he doesn't have to work, he "maintains" an office in the girls' locker room at James Woods High School.

In the episode "I Take Thee Quagmire," Quagmire found true love when he met a woman named Joan. However, the relationship was short-lived after Joan dies at the end of the episode. Quagmire has remained unmarried since. Quagmire also claimed, in "Jerome Is the New Black," that he wanted to pursue a relationship with supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, and had that come to fruition, he would have never began to engage in his philandering behavior.

His catchphrase is "giggity-giggity-goo" (or, simply "giggity").

Quagmire works as a pilot for TransNational Airlines, and is a veteran of the United States Navy. He and Peter Griffin - who is his same age, despite several episodes showing evidence otherwise - first met when Peter was rescued from drowning by Quagmire and crew of his aircraft carrier.

Although portrayed as a friendly, all-around good guy, Quagmire harbors a deep loathing of Brian, Peter's family dog and best friend. His feelings came out into the open in "Jerome Is the New Black," where in a scathing critique Quagmire told Brian he thought - in essence - that he was shallow, pretentious, vain and a phony. The Parents Television Council, a longtime critic of Family Guy, has opined that Quagmire provides "some of the tawdriest moments" in the show, due to his preferences for teen-age girls.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Quagmire maintaining an office in the girls' locker room at James Woods High School -- something that, by the way, would not be allowed in the real world, and would result in his immediate arrest almost everywhere -- is an allusion to Fonzie maintaining an office in a restroom (albeit the men's restroom) at Arnold's on Happy Days.