Excel Saga

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Excel Saga
Excel saga.png
Premiere October 7, 1999
Finale March 30, 2000
Creator Koshi Rikdo
Network TV Tokyo
Style 30 minute anime comedy
Company J.C. Staff
Seasons 1
Episodes 26
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan

Excel Saga is a wacky anime comedy based on an original manga by Koshi Rikdo. The full title is Quack Experimental Anime Excel Saga, indictative of the series' propensity for constantly switching genres and breaking the fourth wall.

The show follows the adventures of secret organization ACROSS, and its recurring attempts to take over the city of F. However, there are only two members of ACROSS: the evil overlord Ilpalazzo and his minion Excel. Being the evil overlord, Ilpalazzo leaves the actual work of taking over the city to Excel. Unfortunately, Excel is both stupid and insane, and predictably, her plans always come to naught.

Excel is soon joined on her quest by Hyatt, an alien princess with a propensity for falling over dead at the most inconvenient times; and Menchi, a small dog who Excel keeps around as an "emergency food supply" since she has trouble earning a steady paycheck.

Each episode is done in a different style, beginning with Koshi Rikdo (the creator of the original manga) giving his permission to make the episode a particular genre, such as romantic comedy or sports drama. Because of this recurring trend, the anime is very different from the manga. The tone of each episode varies wildly, and much of the humor is non sequitur.

There are some ongoing jokes involving the supporting cast; however, these characters and their plotlines are largely unrelated to the main story, only adding to the surreal humor of the show.


Japanese Voices English Voices Character
Main Cast
Kotono Mitsuishi Jessica Calvello, Larissa Wolcott Excel
Omi Minami Monica Rial Hyatt
Satomi Koorogi Hilary Haag Menchi
Takehito Koyasu Jason Douglas Ilpalazzo
Shinichi Watanabe Brett Weaver Nabeshin
Shoutarou Morikubo Mark X. Laskowski Norikuni Iwata
Ryotaro Okiayu Jay Hickman Tooru Watanabe
Yuka Imai Tiffany Grant Misaki Matsuya
Takashi Nagasako Rob Mungle Pedro
Yuko Mizutani Kelly Manison Great Will of the Macrocosm
Wataru Takagi Paul Sidello Koshi Rikdo


Season Premiere Finale #
TV Tokyo
Season One October 7, 1999 March 30, 2000 26

DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Individual Discs
the weirdness has begun June 11, 2002 1
missions improbable August 27, 2002 1
when excels strike (out). November 5, 2002 1
doing whatever it takes! January 14, 2003 1
secrets and lies! February 18, 2003 1
going way too far! April 8, 2003 1
Special Collections
The Imperfect Collection July 6, 2004 6