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The Boys Are Back in Town
Season 2, Episode 1
Airdate June 5, 2005
Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by Julian Farino
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My Maserati Does 185
EntourageSeason Two
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The Boys Are Back in Town is the first episode of the second season of Entourage, and the ninth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Kate Albrecht (Christy), Debi Mazar (Shauna), Monica Keena (Kristen), Rex Lee (Lloyd), Gary Busey (Gary Busey), Tyrone Mitchell (Blake), Amanda Peet (Amanda Peet), Christy Keefe (Mac Salesgirl), Ron Michaelson (Photographer)


Plot Overview

With filming on "Queens Boulevard" completed, Vince, Eric, Turtle and Drama arrive back in LA, ready to pick up where they left off. Eric tries to fulfill his new duties as Vince's manager, while also trying to control the frustrations caused by his relationship with Kristen. He also has to deal with Ari, who lets him know that offers to Vince have started to dry up, and that Vince should take the starring role in James Cameron's "Aquaman." Turtle steps up into his new role as the house manager and Drama finds an unconventional way to get a new set of headshots.



  • Kings of Leon: "Wasted Time"
    • The Gulfstream lands in LA.
  • The Allman Brothers: "Statesboro Blues"
    • Eric and Vince leave Turtle and Drama to unpack.
  • Mos Def: "Ghetto Rock"
    • The guys go to Ari's office and meet Ari's new assistant, Lloyd.
  • Nitty: "Nasty Girl"
    • Drama and Turtle meet Adam's new assistant, Carla.
  • Beck: "E-Pro"
    • Commotion at the Entourage Mansion.
    • Drama gets his headshots taken.
  • Dirty Little Secret: "Long Gone"
    • Turtle takes Drama to the Apple Store.
  • Kings Of Leon: "King of the Rodeo"
    • Gary Busey and Vince pose, DHL arrives.
  • A Tribe Called Quest: "Scenario"
    • Drama shows Adam his new headshots.
  • Muse: "Time is Running Out"
    • The guys get in the elevator. End Credits

Allusions and References

  • Fairfax Avenue: Street in New York that has many Jewish based businesses, such as kosher bakeries, butcher shops and bookstores
    • Drama mentions Fairfax while talking about where to get bagels.
  • Lightstorm Entertainment: James Cameron's film production company
    • Ari's former assistant, Emily, is hired by Lightstorm.
  • Neil LaBute: American playwright, screenwriter, and director who often directs films and writes plays and scripts that are edgy and unsettling portrayals of human relationships
    • Vince jokingly tells Ari that he wants to do a LaBute play in London for six months at $300 per week.
  • Belt Parkway: Highway system that forms a loop around Brooklyn and Queens
    • Ari sarcastically names "Belt Parkway" as the film Vince wants to do next, after filming another "New York road"-esque film, "Queens Boulevard".
  • Scarface: Movie about a Cuban emigre who builds a strong drug empire in Miami
    • Vince refers the movie he wants to do next, "Medellin" (a biopic on Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord), as "his 'Scarface'."
  • Hilary Swank won an Oscar playing a transsexual male in "Boys Don't Cry".
    • Ari explains how Tom Cruise can portray a Hispanic in a film.
  • H&H Bagels: Institution on New York's west side, which make the bagels named "Best of the Best" by New Yorkers
    Eddie's Pizza: Famous pizzaria in New Hyde Park: Home of the "bar pie", which ship their homemade pizzas anywhere in the United States
    • Turtle has genuine New York bagles, knishes and pizza delivered to the mansion.

Arc Advancement


  • The guys return to LA after filming "Queens Boulevard".
  • The guys go to Ari's office and meet Lloyd, Ari's new assistant. Emily is hired by James Cameron's film production company, Lightstorm Entertainment.
  • Ari pitches the film "Aquaman" to Vince and Eric, but they want to do the film "Medellin" instead.
  • After repeated attempts to convince Vince to accept "Aquaman", Ari threatens to drop Vince as a client if he does not accept the role.


  • Lloyd becomes Ari's new assistant.


  • Ari mentions the film "Matahorn", which Vince turned down to make "Queens Boulevard".


The Show

  • The working title of this episode was "The System".
  • Prior to the end credits, a slide states that this episode is in memory of "our friend" Sam Kellerman (1974-2004). Kellerman, the brother of sports analyst Max Kellerman, was a sports analyst and aspiring actor. He was murdered in his apartment on October 12, 2004.


  • Eric and Ari have a meeting
    • Koi
      730 North La Cienega Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA
  • Drama gets new headshots taken
    • The Apple Store
      1248 3rd Street Promenade
      Santa Monica, CA 90401

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • After bribing an Apple store employee with a DVD autographed by Vince, Turtle gets Drama chosen to have his picture taken during a demo. After snapping a few pictures, the "photographer" wants to be done, but Drama makes a wardrobe change with Turtle's help.


  • Drama: Three months without pussy, E. That's rough. You're almost a virgin again.
  • Drama: So, she wouldn't even blow you?
    Turtle: Or, give you a nice tug?
    Drama: That's bullshit.
    Turtle: Y'know, you act like a priest for three months, the least a girl could do is service you.
  • Drama: It's a known fact that a girl on her period is much hornier.
  • Ari: You like "Gay-sian Lloyd"? He's cute, right? And, he covers two quotas.
  • Ari: I'd say, 'Hug it out,' but I don't want you drawing wood.
  • Eric: (about Vince's chances to land the starring role in "Medellin") We don't have a shot?
    Ari: No. You wanna know why? They're on to a guy, I don't know if you've ever heard of him. His name is Tom Cruise.
    Eric: Tom Cruise is gonna play Pablo Escobar? Look, c'mon, the guy isn't even Hispanic.
    Ari: Yeah, and Hilary Swank has a vagina, and she won an Oscar pretending she has a dick. That's what actors do, they pretend.
    Eric: Alright, I get it. OK. So, what if Cruise passes?
    Ari: Then they go to Brad Pitt. He passes, they go to Keanu Reeves, and on down the list.
    Eric: And where is Vince on that list?
    Ari: He ain't on the list.
    Eric: Well, how do we get him on the list?
    Ari: You do "Aquaman", you stupid fuck.