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Season Five
Earth: Final Conflict
Season Premiere October 1, 2001
Season Finale May 20, 2002
Episode Count 22

Season Four



Season Five of Earth: Final Conflict premiered on October 1, 2001.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate
89 1 Unearthed John Whelpley Andrew Potter October 1, 2001
Renee desperately searches for Liam and unwittingly unearths the Atavus, a deadly new race of aliens intent on destroying humanity.
90 2 Pariahs George Geiger Will Dixon October 8, 2001
While Sandoval strikes a deal with the Atavus, Renee desperately tries to convince Hubble Urick about the existence of the deadly aliens.
91 3 The Seduction Stephen Roloff Andrew Potter October 15, 2001
Renee fights to destroy the Atavus as they begin a joining process that will create human Atavan hybrids.
92 4 Subterra Mark Amato Will Dixon October 22, 2001
Renee joins forces with a down-and-out former reporter in order to convince the media of the existence of the Atavus.
93 5 Boone's Awakening Paul Gertz David Winning October 29, 2001
Sandoval resurrects Boone to lure Renee into Holwyn's trap. Renee detects a subterranean hybrid chamber near a downtown nightclub.
94 6 Termination David Ransil David Winning November 5, 2001
Renee springs Dr. Mataros, a convicted serial killer, from death row in a desperate attempt to find a way to kill the Atavus.
95 7 Guilty Conscience Gene O'Neill &
Noreen Tobin
David Winning November 12, 2001
Renee tries to sabotage Sandoval and Howlyn's plans for mass-producing Atavus regeneration chambers.
96 8 Boone's Assasin Paul Gertz David Winning November 19, 2001
William Boone faces an enemy from the past when Sandoval brings Zo'or back to life as an Atavus.
97 9 Entombed Harold Apter Brenton Spencer November 26, 2001
Love is both blind and deadly for Street, who finds herself attracted to a seductive Atavus she and Renee discover beneath Stonehenge.
98 10 Legacy Stephen Roloff David Winning January 14, 2002
An archaeological dig beneath New York resurrects a dormant Atavus and Renee is called upon to track it -- which leads her on a trip back in time.
99 11 Death Suite Meredith Muncy Andrew Potter January 21, 2002
Renee and Street check into a spa for some rest but find themselves in a life and death struggle with an Atavus.
100 12 Atavus High Brad Falchuk Brenton Spencer January 28, 2002
A high school student becomes obsessed with the Atavus and his Website fan club leads him into dangerous territory.
101 13 Deep Sleep Mark Amato Brenton Spencer February 4, 2002
A hybrid-infested hospital uses comatose patients as a food source for the Atavus.
102 14 The Art of War Paul Gertz &
John Whelpley
Brenton Spencer February 11, 2002
Juda's death spells hope for Renee in her battle against the Atavus.
103 15 Grave Danger David Ransil James Rait February 18, 2002
Renee is sent a manuscript by a missing archeologist that suggests an ancient Egyptian high priest could have been an Atavus.
104 16 Deportation Mark Amato Kelly Makin February 25, 2002
Renee tries to save Chase who is trapped within a top-secret, government-run prison for hybrids.
105 17 Honour and Duty Paul Gertz &
John Whelpley
Martin Wood April 8, 2002
Renee and Lt. Michaels set out on a mission to destroy the Taelon mothership's weaponry system, but guards capture Michaels in the process.
106 18 Bad Genes John Whelpley Bruce Pittman April 15, 2002
Renee rescues an alien Atavus from Sandoval and Tate, only to discover the boy is Howlyn's son and tries to prevent him from following in his father's footsteps.
107 19 Subversion David Ransil Martin Wood April 22, 2002
A vigilante group called the Preservationists puts Renée on trial for opening the initial Atavus chamber.
108 20 Street Wise Paul Margolis Will Dixon April 29, 2002
While having to fight off other hybrids, Renee searches to acquire an antidote for Street who has become an Atavus hybrid.
109 21 The Journey John Whelpley &
Kathy Rudzik
David Winning May 13, 2002
Renee and Capt. Michaels uncover a breeding ground of Atavus at a hybrid vaccine facility.
Teleplay by John Whelpley
110 22 Final Conflict Paul Gertz &
John Whelpley
Andrew Potter May 20, 2002
Liam Kincaid returns to aid Renee in her final conflict with the Atavus.
Teleplay by Paul Gertz

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