Dream House

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Dream House
Premiere March 27, 1968
Finale June 29, 1984
Creator Don Reid, Richard Reid
Host Mike Darrow (ABC)
Bob Eubanks (NBC)
Network/Provider ABC, NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Don Reid Productions
Origin US

Dream House was a game show that aired on ABC nighttime in 1968 and ABC daytime from 1968 to 1970. It was revived in 1983 for NBC daytime and ran one season.

Couples answered questions, with each correct answer worth five points. Incorrect answers lock that couple out of the next question. Points are doubled with two minutes left in the round. In the "Catch-Up" round, contestants could play for up to fifty points. The top scoring couple wins the game and a room full of furniture. Seven games automatically wins a new $40,000 home for the couple.

In the 1983 edition, contestants answer a toss-up question for $50 with ensuing question values determined by a "money machine" ($50 to $150). Landing on "Turnover" on the money machine loses control of the questions to the opponent. After answering a question with two possible answers, the opponent could challenge.

The winning couple wins a room full of furniture. If they win the game by more than $500, they receive a $500 bonus. Exceeding $1000 in the game wins them a new car. The couple has a chance to select a three-digit combination to unlock a new home. Each time the couple wins (provided they don't select the right combination), a number is eliminated.

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