Downward Dog/Season One

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Season One
Downward Dog
Season Premiere preview
May 17, 2017
May 23, 2017
Season Finale June 27, 2017
Episode Count 8
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Season One of Downward Dog premiered on May 23, 2017. A preview of the series aired on May 17, 2017.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Michael Killen &
Samm Hodges
Michael Killen May 17, 2017 4.672M 1.1% 101
Martin battles loneliness and the need for Nan's unconditional attention, while she struggles with a breakup and Martin's recent bad behavior as he reacts to her newly busy work schedule. .
2 2 Boundaries Samm Hodges Michael Killen May 23, 2017 5.735M 1% 102
When Nan installs an automatic dog door so she can take away Jason's key but still keep him as Martin's dog walker, Martin is convinced he can suddenly open doors with his mind, and the new-found power goes to his head. Meanwhile at work, Nan's boss is unable to understand the new ad campaign Nan sold to the corporate bosses, and he spirals into confusion.
3 3 Loyalty Samm Hodges Michael Killen May 30, 2017 3.751M 0.7% 103
Frustrated by her boss Kevin's intereference in her ad campaign development, Nan brings Martin to work with her, hoping to keep dog-phobic Kevin at bay. However, she never anticipated that Martin would fall in love with Kevin.
4 4 The Full Package
Daisy Gardner John Fortenberry June 6, 2017 3.453M 0.7% 104
Nan meets Eric, an attractive dog owner who appears to be the older, more successful version of Jason, and enlists his help with Martin, secretly hoping to score a date. But when Martin spends time with Eric's well-trained dog, it thrusts Martin into a crisis of self-confidence.
5 5 Trashed Morgan Murphy John Fortenberry June 13, 2017 3.32M 0.7% 105
Nan travels to NYC with Jenn and Kevin for a big marketing meeting while Jason watches Martin at her home. But Martin uses the opportunity to go on a trash-eating bender of epic proportions while Nan fantasizes about her romantic future in Gotham.
6 6 Old Annabell Oakes Paul Murphy June 20, 2017 3.084M 0.6% 106
On his seventh birthday, all Martin wants is a nap, but his world is rocked when Jenn crashes at Nan's house for a few days with her new puppy. Meanwhile, Jenn and Nan try to forget their respective romantic dramas by hitting the town, finding inspiration when they hear local celebrity Deejay Devine sing.
7 7 Getting What You Always Wanted Laura Kittrell Paul Murphy June 27, 2017 2.021M 0.5% 107
Nan's long-anticipated national campaign is hours away from launching in Times Square on the Jumbotron, when an overwrought Nan discovers an algorithm has been flipped, and instead of blocking penis photos from the photo feed it will choose them, which could torpedo the whole campaign. Meanwhile, Martin decides to reduce Nan's stress by taking out his sworn enemy, Pepper, to unexpected results.
8 8 Getting Lost John Hoberg &
Kat Likkel
Michael Killen June 27, 2017 1.725M 0.4% 108
To take a break from the pressures of a major decision at work and the mess she's made of her life, Nan decides to take a vacation. On the way, she stops by her estranged father's place in the country, hoping to say hi and go. Instead, she discovers he's selling the family home. While Nan tries to pack up some childhood treasures, Dad takes Martin for a walk - but Martin, runs off into the woods, hoping to prove he's wild and free like a wolf. Instead, he discovers he's not a wolf - he's a dog who's lost.