Downton Abbey/Season Six

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Season Six
Downton Abbey
Season Premiere September 20, 2015
Episode Count 8 + 1 special

Season Five



Season Six of Downton Abbey premiered on September 20, 2015 with all episodes written by Julian Fellowes.


# # Title Directed By Airdate Viewers Prod.
44 1 Episode One Minkie Spiro September 20, 2015 10.463M 1-8697-44
Mary's past catches up with her when an unwelcome visitor delivers an ultimatum, and news about the running of Downton Hospital sets Violet on the warpath. The Darnleys, friends and neighbours of the Crawleys, are forced to sell their ancestral home, and Daisy's intervention at the Mallerton House auction has disastrous consequences. With friends in debt and fashions changing, Robert is under pressure to make staff cutbacks. Carson is concerned that Mrs Hughes is having second thoughts about their impending marriage, and judgement day finally arrives for Anna and Bates.
45 2 Episode Two Minkie Spiro September 27, 2015 10.102M 1-8697-45
As planning for their wedding gets underway, Lady Mary's meddling gets Mr Carson into trouble with Mrs Hughes. Cora and Violet lock horns over plans for the hospital takeover. Thomas's job search continues with disappointing results. An idea of Mary's takes Anna to London and offers fresh hope. Edith faces challenges at the magazine but a problem closer to home reaches breaking point. What begins as a happy day out for the family and servants ends in panic and leaves Robert with a difficult decision to make.
46 3 Episode Three Philip John October 4, 2015 7.508M 1-8697-46
Preparations for the wedding of Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes are under way, but a misunderstanding threatens to shatter the peace. Edith meets up with an old acquaintance who comes to her assistance in an hour of need. Spratt has something to hide but Denker is hot on the trail, and Daisy jumps to conclusions when she hears about a plan of Cora's. Tensions mount over the hospital takeover, leading Isobel to offend a friend. The wedding day dawns, but brings a surprise with the arrival of some unexpected guests.
47 4 Episode Four Philip John October 11, 2015 9.411M 1-8697-47
As Tom and Sybbie settle back into life at Downton, the family and servants are surprised with the return of another old friend in unexpected circumstances. A visit from Sergeant Willis leaves Baxter with a dilemma, while Thomas struggles to fill Mr Carson's shoes. A crisis takes Anna and Mary to London. Daisy has a bone to pick with Cora and Mary's eye is caught by an admirer.
48 5 Episode Five Michael Engler October 18, 2015 9.669M 1-8697-48
Violet invites Neville Chamberlain, minister of health, to dine at Downton Abbey as part of her scheme to quash plans for the takeover of the hospital. The evening proves distressing for everyone. Mrs Patmore, Daisy and Andy help Mr Mason to move into Yew Tree Farm and Andy finds an unexpected confidant in Thomas. Mary and Tom go to watch Henry Talbot test drive a new car, but Mary is not convinced she has met her match. Edith has a date with Bertie Pelham in London. Denker is in trouble with Violet and Spratt is forced to help her. Mrs Hughes is finding it difficult to please Mr Carson and Mary senses she has been kept in the dark about a family secret.
49 6 Episode Six Michael Engler October 25, 2015 9.544M 1-8697-49
Opinions are divided above and below stairs when Tom and Mary open Downton Abbey to the public for a day in aid of the hospital. Headmaster Mr Dawes has a proposition for Mr Molesley and Baxter is thrown into turmoil when she receives an unexpected letter. Plans for the hospital takeover are not fully resolved and battle lines are drawn between Cora and Violet. Carson has an axe to grind with Thomas, but all is not as it appears. Mary surprises Henry with a visit to London, while Bertie comes to Downton to see Edith.
50 7 Episode Seven David Evans November 1, 2015 9.799M 1-8697-50
Henry Talbot invites the Crawleys to watch him motor racing at Brooklands, but events leave Mary reeling. Violet makes a plan which surprises the family and delights Denker, and also gets to the bottom of Amelia Cruikshank's curious show of friendship towards Isobel. Mr Molesley and Daisy must rise to the challenge on examination day, while Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes teach Mr Carson a lesson. Andy's secret is brought to light, and Thomas feels increasingly isolated.
51 8 Episode Eight David Evans November 8, 2015 10.391M 1-8697-51
A change of circumstance puts Bertie Pelham in the limelight, and Edith must decide whether to conceal her past at all costs or confront the truth and risk losing everything. As both sisters seek their perfect match, hostilities escalate and it is up to Mary to decide if she can ever make peace with Edith - or herself? Spratt proves to be a man of hidden talents and Mr Molesley embarks on a career in teaching, though his first lesson does not quite go to plan. Mrs Patmore's bed and breakfast garners unwanted attention.
52 SP The Finale Michael Engler December 25, 2015 10.487M 1-8697-52
Mary tries to build bridges but Edith's secret continues to pose a threat. As Henry settles into married life, the scars left by Charlie's death are slow to heal. Spratt's moonlighting venture is threatened by Denker's interference. Daisy may have missed her chance with an admirer. Isobel receives devastating news and joins forces with Violet when the Greys' scheming takes a sinister turn. The day that Anna and Bates have been waiting for arrives as family and servants prepare to welcome 1926.

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