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The Idiot's Lantern
Rose gets her face stolen by the Wire.
Season 28, Episode 7
Airdate May 27, 2006
Writer(s) Mark Gatiss
Director(s) Euros Lyn
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The Age of Steel (2)
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The Impossible Planet (1)
Doctor WhoSeason Twenty-Eight

The Idiot's Lantern is the seventh episode of the twenty-eighth season of Doctor Who, and the seven hundred thirty-ninth episode overall.

It is the twentieth episode of the 21st century version of Doctor Who. People with televisions are being turned into zombies, all this and the coronation of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Cast: David Tennant (The Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose), Maureen Lipman (The Wire), Ron Cook (Magpie), Jamie Foreman (Eddie Connolly), Debra Gillett (Rita Connolly), Rory Jennings (Tommy Connolly), Margaret John (Grandma Connolly), Sam Cox (Detective Inspector Bishop), Ieuan Rhys (Crabtree), Jean Challis (Aunty Betty), Christopher Driscoll (Security Guard), Marie Lewis (Mrs Gallagher)


Plot Overview

  • The Doctor and Rose are hoping to see Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show, however they have landed in London instead of New York. Meanwhile, the Wire is gathering energy from people's faces through televisions. The Wire wants to ressurect herself, but the Doctor is there to stop her. After Rose's face is stolen the Doctor mobilizes, along with Tommy Connolly, and tracks her to the largest television transmitter at the time. The Wire is recorded onto a Betamax tape and the day is saved.


  • Time and Space: June 1-2, 1953, London, Earth.

Arc Advancement





The Show

  • This episode aired almost 53 years after the events it dramatised took place.

Behind the Scenes

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