Deal or No Deal (USA)/Episode 236

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Episode 236
Season 2, Episode 38
Airdate January 22, 2007
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Deal or No Deal (USA)Season Two

Episode 236 is the thirty-eighth episode of the second season of Deal or No Deal, and the seventy-seventh episode overall.

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NASCAR fan Charlyn Speth - who bore a striking resemblance to actress Vicki Lawrence, and was hyperactive throughout her hour-long game - had a great first two rounds, eliminating just the $200,000 case among the top seven amounts. Her $82,000 offer is where her game would peak, as she wiped out four mega amounts (including the $1 million prize) to see her next offer crash to $28,000.

She did better in the next two rounds to see her deal recover to $77,000, but again landmined when she opened the top-remaining case holding $500,000 with six cases remaining. After a brief rebound, she lost the last case holding more than $1,000 - $100,000 - with four cases left. She turned down a $600 offer and promptly lost the $1,000 case to end with a choice between $400 and $500, and a $425 offer. She said no deal, and a chance to switch cases turned out to be a good choice: She ended with $500.


  • The cases held by each of the models bore a NASCAR checkerboard-type motif.
  • Unlike several sports fans who had season-ticket and/or "superfan" packages attached to their offers, none of Speth's potential deals had packages that included things such as NASCAR season tickets.


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