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David Ketchum
Born February 4, 1928 in Quincy, Illinois, USA
Sometimes credited as Dave Ketchum
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Starring Roles

Series Role Year(s) Season(s)
Camp Runamuck Spiffy 1965–1966 1

Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
The Munsters Emcee 1x34 - Munster the Magnificent May 13, 1965
The Andy Griffith Show
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Harry 7x22 - Floyd's Barbershop February 13, 1967
Green Acres
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Harvey Schmidlapp 2x27 - Kimball Gets Fired March 29, 1967
Get Smart Agent 13 3x03 - The Spy Who Met Himself October 7, 1967
Petticoat Junction
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Buddy Buster 6x02 - The Singing Sweethearts October 5, 1968
That Girl Jack Packard 3x03 - Eleven Angry Men and That Girl October 10, 1968
That Girl
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Harry 4x03 - My Part Belongs to Daddy October 2, 1969
The Courtship of Eddie's Father Mr. Kelly 1x08 - Bully for You November 5, 1969
The Mod Squad Jake Barry 2x13 - Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break December 23, 1969
The Courtship of Eddie's Father Joe Kelly 2x02 - A Loaf of Bread, a Bar of Soap and a Jar of Peanut Butter September 30, 1970
That Girl
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Man in Restaurant 5x02 - Don and Sandi and Harry and Snoopy October 2, 1970
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Hal 1x04 - Divorce Isn't Everything October 10, 1970
The Courtship of Eddie's Father Joe Kelly 2x13 - Gifts Are for Giving December 23, 1970
Happy Days
(credited as Dave Ketchum)
Binicky 2x05 - R.O.T.C. October 8, 1974
Maude Herman Ellinger 3x14 - Nostalgia Party December 30, 1974
Alice Carl 2x06 - The Sixty Minutes Man November 13, 1977
Perfect Strangers Customer 2x07 - Falling in Love Is... November 12, 1986


Series Episode Airdate Credit
Get Smart 3x12 - Classification: Dead December 23, 1967
Here's Lucy 2x09 - Lucy and the Used Car Dealer November 17, 1969
M*A*S*H 1x15 - Tuttle January 14, 1973
The Bionic Woman 3x20 - Long Live the King March 25, 1978
Happy Days 7x03 - Fonz Meets Kat September 25, 1979