Couch Potatoes

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Couch Potatoes
Premiere January 23, 1989
Finale September 8, 1989
Creator David Greenfield, Ellen Levy
Host Marc Summers
Network Syndicated
Style 30-minute game show
Company Saban Productions/Group W
Seasons 1
Episodes 100
Origin USA

Couch Potatoes was a game show airing in syndication.

Two teams, each of three people and nicknamed after TV shows and icons, answered TV trivia questions. They ring in to answer 50-point toss-up questions with the team answering correctly playing three questions with one question per player. A player answering wrong allows the opposing team to answer.

After four questions, the teams play the Couch-Up round, with questions worth 50, 100, 150 or 200 points. If a team trailing gets a question when "Couch-Up" shows, they can tie the opponents with a correct answer. After six questions, the team ahead wins the game.

That team plays "Channel Roulette," for a $5000 payoff. In 30 seconds, the select a channel (2 through 13) and must identify the show from the cast photo shown. They must accumulate $1000 in winnings without hitting "Pay TV" (which wipes the score to zero but can be built back up with any time remaining).