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Premiere September 28, 1980
Finale December 21, 1980
Creator Carl Sagan
Host Carl Sagan
Provider PBS
Style 60-minutes documentary
Company PBS
Episodes 13 + special
Origin USA

Cosmos, sometimes referred to as Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, is a scientific documentary miniseries that aired on PBS. Celebrity astronomer Carl Sagan travels around the world to explain the origin of humanity, how we got this far, what we know about the universe, and where we're going. Though many of the special effects, wardrobes and hairstyles may be considered out of date, the information presented remains largely accurate today.

The series was made up of thirteen episodes. Years later, in 1989, a fourteenth episode was made from an interview between Ted Turner and Sagan.



# Title Airdate
1 The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean September 28, 1980
2 One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue October 5, 1980
3 Harmony of the Worlds October 12, 1980
4 Heaven and Hell October 19, 1980
5 Blues for a Red Planet October 26, 1980
6 Travellers' Tales November 2, 1980
7 The Backbone of Night November 9, 1980
8 Journeys in Space and Time November 16, 1980
9 The Lives of the Stars November 23, 1980
10 The Edge of Forever November 30, 1980
11 The Persistence of Memory December 7, 1980
12 Encyclopaedia Galactica December 14, 1980
13 Who Speaks for Earth? December 21, 1980
SP Ted Turner Interviews Dr. Sagan November 26, 1989


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
Cosmos December 12, 2000 purchase 7

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