Combat!/The Gun

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The Gun
Season 5, Episode 1
Airdate September 13, 1966
Production Number 128
Writer(s) Esther Mitchell
Bob Mitchell
Director(s) Michael Caffey
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The Leader
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The Losers
Combat!Season Five

Guest Star: Warren Stevens


Plot Overview

The squad is sent to attack a German bunker that is perfectly positioned to halt their advance. They are to attack the bunker with the aide of a Tank which is to provide firepower to support them as they advance. As they move along the route to the bunker, they are ambushed by a German squad backed by a small howitzer that destroys the tank before they can counter attack. After killing the Germans the squad decide to haul the howitzer with them to attack the German bunker. As the squad hauls the gun towards the bunker they are tracked by a German patrol who had gone to check on the gun crew which were not responding to radio calls. Sgt Saunders gets a report from a runner that the Germans are in pursuit and manages to ambush and wipe them out. The squad then manages to position the gun and wipe out the bunker.



The Show

  • first color episode