Colex Enterprises

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Colex Enterprises
Founded 1984
Dissolved 1988
Notable Works What's Happening Now!!
The New Gidget

Colex Enterprises was an American television distribution company.


Colex was formed in 1984 as a joint venture between Columbia Pictures Television and LBS Communications to distribute classic Screen Gems shows, as well as distribute new syndicated CPT/LBS co-productions like What's Happening Now!! and The New Gidget.

Colex was dissolved in 1988, but a number of the Screen Gems shows previously distributed by Colex continued to be jointly distributed by CPT and LBS for a few more years afterward, while LBS became the sole distributor for The Monkees until 1990, when all co-distributed shows returned to sole distribution by CPT.

Sony Pictures Television now handles distribution of the Screen Gems catalogue.

List of Shows

Note: Classic Screen Gems shows that were distributed by Colex are listed separately in the Screen Gems article.

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
What's Happening Now!! Sitcom Syndication 1985–1988
The New Gidget Sitcom Syndication 1986–1988

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