Code Name: Eternity

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Code Name: Eternity
Code Name- Eternity-Title.jpg
Premiere May 14, 2000
Finale November 19, 2000
Creator William Fruet & Jeff King
Network/Provider syndication
Style 60-minute sci-fi drama
Company Dune Productions,
Protocol Entertainment
UFA International Film & TV Production GmbH
Warner Bros. Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 26
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Code Name: Eternity is a sci-fi drama that aired in syndication.

The plot involves an alien scientist, David Banning, who comes to Earth and assumes human form in order to perfect technology which will radically change Earth's environment to be suitable for habitation by his own species (Planetary engineering). Having discovered the true nature of Banning's plans, a team of assassins is sent to take him down. Banning's forces kill most of them, but the most dangerous one, Ethaniel, escapes and teams up with a human scientist, Dr. Laura Keating, in an attempt to prevent the destruction of Earth and humanity.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Cameron Bancroft Ethaniel 1
Ingrid Kavelaars Dr. Laura Keating 1
Gordon Currie Dent 1
Joseph Baldwin Byder 1
Olivier Gruner Tawrens 1
Andrew Gillies David Banning 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One May 14, 2000 November 19, 2000 26


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