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Season 1, Episode 17
Airdate January 18, 1968
Production Number 0718
Written by Austin Kalish and Irma Kalish
Directed by Gunnar Hellstrom
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Knife in the Darkness
Cimarron StripSeason One

Guest Starring: Tuesday Weld (Heller), Morgan Woodward (Logan Purcell), Robert Phillips (Matt Sherman), Bernie Hamilton (Ollie Whippet), Val de Vargas (Willie Snake), Charles Kuenstle (Haw Richards), Maggie Thrett (Red Deer), Bobby Clark (Ab Colburn), Ken Renard (Two Eagles), Jason Wingreen (Mr. Eagles), Randy Lane (Randy), Stuart Lee (Stuart), Robert D'Arcy (Bartender)


Plot Overview

A band of ruthless raiders, led by Logan Purcell mercilessly prey on isolated Indian villages in the outlet just outside of Marshal Crown's jurisdiction leaving him powerless. After an Indian is gunned down in the town of Cimarron by Purcell, Marshal Crown sets out to track him down. In an ensuing shoot-out, Crown is wounded. He is found unconscious by a stream and nursed back to health by a young girl named Heller.

Heller looks after a small horse ranch and was rescued by Purcell from Indians who had taken her as a baby and considers her his property. On discovering she has been tending to Crown, Crown and Heller escape back to Cimarron City, Purcell sends one of his men to fetch her while Crown, MacGregor, and Francis seek help from the broken spirited indians to track Purcell down.


Arc Advancement



Dulcey is jealous of Heller and her feeling's for Crown and his for her, but still looks after her.



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