China, IL: The Funeral

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China, IL
China, IL
Airdate May 26, 2008
Writer(s) Brad Neely
Director Brad Neely
Network Adult Swim
Style 15-minute animated comedy
Origin USA

China, IL (2008) is a animated comedy special written and animated by Brad Neely. Neely is a cartoonist and animator who has found some fame on with his online series The Professor Bros. and I Am Baby Cakes. China, IL was devised as a four-part miniseries to be syndicated on SuperDeluxe which features characters from both of his previous efforts.

Due in part to its relationship to Adult Swim—both are owned by TBS Networks and SuperDeluxe was folded into two days after the show's online debut—all four parts of China, IL will be merged into one episode and broadcast May 26, 2008 at 12:45AM on Adult Swim. It is speculated that this broadcast could actually be a backdoor pilot for Neely.

China, IL is the first original work by Neely to be broadcast on television in its entirety, although his animations have played heavily into SuperDeluxe's advertising campaigns on Adult Swim.

Cast: Brad Neely (Mark "Baby" Cakes/Frank/Steve)


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