Carol's Second Act/Season One

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Season One
Carol's Second Act
Season Premiere September 26, 2019
Episode Count 13
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This is the current season of Carol's Second Act.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season One of Carol's Second Act premiered on September 26, 2019.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Emily Halpern &
Sarah Haskins
Pamela Fryman September 26, 2019 5.965M 0.7% 101
Carol Kenney enthusiastically begins her first day as an internal medicine intern, but has a rocky start when she disregards direct orders from her boss in order to help a patient. Also, Carol meets Dr. Frost, a senior attending physician who may be the ally Carol needs in her second act.
2 2 You Give Me Fever Sarah Haskins &
Emily Halpern
Pamela Fryman October 3, 2019 5.682M 0.7% 102
When Carol treats an elderly patient whose tests are inconclusive, Carol must find a way to work around hospital policy to take extra time to observe her. Daniel is embarrassed when his fellow interns find out that he doesn't know how to draw blood.
3 3 The Zebra John Blickstead &
Trey Kollmer
Phill Lewis October 10, 2019 4.948M 0.6% 104
While the other interns battle over who gets the patient with a fascinating and rare problem, Carol's standard, run-of-the-mill case turns out to be something more than it seems. Also, Daniel makes a crucial mistake that gets Dr. Jacobs attention by eating her food.
4 4 Marathon Day Andy Roth Pamela Fryman October 17, 2019 5.084M 0.7% 105
When Dr. Jacobs collapses after running a marathon, Carol becomes her doctor and they clash over her course of treatment. Also, Daniel and Lexie try to help Caleb conquer an old phobia.
5 5 The Nightfloat Ari Berkowitz Pamela Fryman October 24, 2019 106
When Carol has her first solo overnight shift at the hospital, Dr. Frost's enthusiastic help and involvement become a little more than Carol bargained for. Also, on the interns' rare night off from the hospital, Jenny takes them all out to a bar to find dates.
6 6 Game Changer Darrin Bragg Angela Gomes November 7, 2019 107
The hospital is abuzz when Carol is assigned to care for a star college football player with a broken rib. Also, sparks continue to fly between Jenny and Daniel.
7 7 Dr. Mom Becky Mann &
Audra Sielaff
Pamela Fryman November 14, 2019 103
When the other interns begin to feel the strain of being first-year residents, Carol tries to help with lessons learned from years as a working mom, but soon realizes that she may have stretched herself too thin. Also, Jenny and Dr. Frost face off when she tries to sell him some of her latest pharmaceuticals.
8 8 TBA
9 9 TBA
10 10 TBA
11 11 TBA
12 12 TBA
13 13 TBA