Camouflage (1961)

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Camouflage (1961)
Premiere January 9, 1961
Finale November 16, 1962
Creator Jerry Hammer
Host Don Morrow
Network ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Jerry Hammer Productions
Episodes 5 per week
Origin USA
This is on the 1961 ABC game show. For the version aired by GSN, see Camouflage (2007).

Camouflage was a game show airing on ABC daytime.

The object of Camouflage was to find an object hidden within a picture drawing and trace the object's outline. Each contestant on opposite sides of the floor face a window and are shown the picture. The picture is hidden and the host asks true or false questions with a timer ticking down from ten. Whoever rings in and answers correctly receives the points based on where the timer stopped. The picture is displayed to that contestant only and part of the picture--the "camouflage" is taken away. The contestant has ten seconds to find the object. The board value for each player starts at 200 points and goes down 10 points for every pass or mistraced object.

A player reaching 30 points in the question-and-answer element is secretly shown a picture of the object. A player wins the game upon successfully tracing the object's outline. He/she wins a prize based on his/her score (Q&A points and picture value). The top-scoring player of the day tried to win a new car by finding and tracing the outline of an object in a bonus picture in fifteen seconds.

Camouflage returned in 1980 for a two-month run in syndication. Chuck Barris Productions made the updated edition.