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For Gedda
Season 8, Episode 17
Airdate May 15, 2007
Written by
Directed by
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CSISeason Eight
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For Gedda is the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of CSI, and the one hundred eighty-second episode overall.

Starring: William L. Petersen (Gil Grissom), Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows), Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown), George Eads (Nick Stokes), Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders), Robert David Hall (Dr. Al Robbins), Wallace Langham (David Hodges)

And: Paul Guilfoyle (Capt. Jim Brass)

Guest Starring: Conor O'Farrell (Undersheriff McKeen), Jay Karnes (IA Officer Wagenbach), John Capodice (Lou Gedda), David Gianopoulos (Daniel Pritchard), Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie), Donzaleigh Abernathy (Carolina Bell), David Berman (David Phillips), Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews), Gerald McCullough (Bobby Dawson), Larry Sullivan (Officer Akers), James Earl (Pallbearer #1), Kwame Patterson (Pallbearer #2) Deborah Ann Woll (Stephane - Waitress) and Liz Vassey (Wendy Simms)

Co-Starring: DeLon Howell (Officer Devlin), Joseph Patrick Kelly (Officer Metcalf), Randy Mulkey (Lenny Harper), Lee Weaver (Kerwinkle Lord)


Plot Overview

Warrick is unsure if he's innocent or guilty when he was accused of murduring a famous Las Vegas gangster, Lou Gedda. The CSIs try to prove his innocence, but the undersheriff removed them from the case and only allowed the dayshift to investigate. Warrick was reluctant to tell the story because he claimed he doesn't remember. Soon Henry Andrews found the chloroform on Gedda's blood tissue. Grissom adds that chloroform exposure can lead to short term amnesia. He suspects that Warrick was also drugged with chloroform. But it was too late, it disappeared in his blood too quickly. The CSIs get Warrick's shirt to investigate the blood spatter and noticed something else on the shirt, Warrick may have been lifted by the armpits. Grissom also noticed the ligature marks on Gedda's wrists were too wide for Warrick's cuffs. They had no doubt that Warrick was framed. Grissom suspects that they are looking for a mole. They noticed that one of the officers didn't sign a log and a fingerprint on the casket that the deceased PI Leonard Harper was placed in, matches to a dirty cop, Daniel Pritchard. They look in Pritchard's locker and noticed that his handcuffs were missing, one of those keys have blood on it. Warrick was indeed framed. Daniel Pritchard killed Gedda. Grissom assures Warrick that he would be suspended, demoted, but not fired. Upon learning that he was framed, Warrick gracefully accepted the suspension and demotion and he and Grissom embraced. After the team had breakfast, Warrick heads to his car. There, undersheriff McKeen knocks on the window and congratulated Warrick and informed him that he won't fire him. Warrick noted that he will find the guy who truly killed Gedda. McKeen says that's what makes him a good CSI. Just when it looked like he was about to leave, he stayed there and shot Warrick in the neck. Warrick slumped over the steering wheel, dying of exsanguination.


This is Warrick Brown's final major appearance, when he was shot in the neck and chest and slumps over the steering wheel, dying.

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Memorable Moments

  • Warrick Brown was accused of murdering a famous Las Vegas gangster, Lou Gedda.
  • It was revealed however that Warrick was framed by Daniel Pritchard, the real culprit.
  • Warrick was cleared. But his freedom was short-lived when he was shot in the neck and chest by the undersherriff, dying of exsanguination .