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Bodies in Motion
Season 6, Episode 1
Airdate September 22, 2005
Production Number 601
Teleplay by Carol Mendelsohn,
Naren Shankar
Directed by Richard J. Lewis
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Grave Danger
6x02 →
Room Service
CSISeason Six
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Bodies in Motion is the first episode of the sixth season of CSI, and the one hundred eighteenth episode overall.

Guest Stars: David Berman (David Phillips), Wallace Langham (David Hodges), Louise Lombard (Sofia Curtis), Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Victoria Prescott (Judy Tremont), Alex Carter (Detective Vartann), Joseph Patrick Kelly (Officer Metcalf), Gerald McCullouch (Bobby Dawson), Shayna Rossin (Nasty Street Hooker), Dawn Olivieri (Stripper), Christopher Gartin (Marcus Corcoran), Tom Lynch (Parking Attendant), Rob Kahn (Homeless Guy), Kara Zediker (Amber Durgee), Wayne Wilderson (Paramedic Kelso), Roger Aaron Brown (Mr. James), Kevin Quigley (Randy Swansiger), Christopher Allen Nelson (Officer D.A. Michaels), Deborah Offner (Nosy Lady), Tom Schmid (Drunk Guy), Tamara Davies (Brooke Harris), Jamie McShane (Eddie Vonner), Robert Clendenin (Drive-In Manager), Matthew Boylan (Darryl Blakeney), Elise Neal (Giselle)


Plot Overview

Crime One

  • Nick and Sarah are on this case.
  • Fire destroys a home in a trailer park. The woman and her "male companion" were killed.
  • The man in the trailer home was killed because he was run over by a car, not from the gas explosion.
  • The man in the trailer was married - his wife has an SUV that matches the tire tracks on his body.
  • The explosion was caused when a vehicle went through the trailer.
  • The tires and paint match a GMC vehicle. The wife is cleared because she drives a Ford.
  • Randy Swansinger was drunk and drove his car through the house. No foul play, just dumb drivers.

Crime Two

  • Warrick and Catherine are on this case
  • A stripper is found dead in a parking lot. She was drunk and beaten to death.
  • She was wearing a sanitation worker's boots. He gave them to her because she had no shoes.
  • The stripper is in the wrong part of town - she is slumming.
  • The stripper was an uptown girl who wanted to try stripping. She got on a bus that was made to be a big limo called a "Champagne Ride."
  • The girl was beaten to death by a homeless man because she took change from his cup.

Crime Three

  • Sara and Greg are on this case
  • Two bodies are found in a car that has been abandoned. They have melted due to the heat.
  • White male, black female.
  • Sara finds many cinnamon buns in the car - the girl, Clara, works at "Gooey Buns"
  • The cinnamon buns are being used to smuggle cocaine.
  • The dead guy was a drug-dealer who asked Clara on a date to a drive-in theatre.
  • A previous client of the drug-dealer worked at the theatre. He saw the car and killed the two people in the car to get the cocaine.


Arc Advancement

  • A tape is sent in about the Walter Gordon case.
  • Grissom is keeping the tape a secret.



  • Warrick got married to "Tina." - It was a drive through chapel.
  • Catherine is bitter because she thinks Warrik's marriage will work out and hers didn't.
  • In the following episode we learn that Catherine is bitter because she had a crush on Warrick and tells him so.


  • Walter Gordon is the man who buried Nick Stokes alive in Grave Danger.
  • Many mentions throughout the show of Nick being buried alive, including when he had a bug crawling on him.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • Grissom calls wrapping the car in saran wrap a "Car Condom."


  • Police Officer Wilcox: How you doin', Nick?
Nick Stokes: Above ground, Wilcox.
  • Greg: Grissom would have tasted it.