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Burt Brinckerhoff

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Burt Brinckerhoff
Born October 25, 1936 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Notable Shows



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
Route 66 Vergil Page 1x06 - Ten Drops of Water November 11, 1960
Naked City (1958) Erwin Lovegod 2x06 - Killer with a Kiss November 16, 1960
Naked City (1958) Danny Keeling 3x08 - Show Me the Way to Go Home November 22, 1961
Target: The Corruptors Mike Jessan 1x15 - A Man Is Waiting to Be Murdered January 5, 1962
Tales of Wells Fargo Chuck Evans 6x24 - Chauncey March 17, 1962
Target: The Corruptors Jack Murray 1x32 - The Organizer (1) May 18, 1962
Target: The Corruptors Jack Murray 1x33 - The Organizer (2) May 25, 1962
The DuPont Show of the Week Carl Richter 2x05 - The Betrayal October 21, 1962
Ben Casey 2x06 - Behold! They Walk an Ancient Road November 5, 1962
Laramie Hobey Carson 4x07 - The Sunday Shoot November 13, 1962
The Fugitive Frank 1x10 - Fatso November 19, 1963
Ben Casey Sean Embry 3x30 - Make Me the First American April 1, 1964
Gunsmoke Tom Stocker 10x16 - Run, Sheep, Run January 9, 1965
Dr. Kildare Vincent Doyle 4x20 - A Marriage of Convience February 11, 1965
Twelve O'Clock High Joe Waller 1x27 - The Mission April 2, 1965
Dr. Kildare Charles Shannon 5x01 - Behold the Great Man (1) September 13, 1965
Dr. Kildare Charles Shannon 5x02 - A Life for a Life (2) September 14, 1965
Dr. Kildare Charles Shannon 5x03 - Web of Hate (3) September 20, 1965
Dr. Kildare Charles Shannon 5x04 - The Horizontal Hero (4) September 21, 1965
Rawhide Karl Denner 8x12 - Testing Post November 30, 1965
The F.B.I. George Wilson 4x09 - The Harvest November 24, 1968


Episode Director

Series Episode Airdate
Beverly Hills, 90210 1x12 - One Man and a Baby January 24, 1991

Awards and Accolades