Burden of Truth

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Burden of Truth
Premiere January 10, 2018
Creator Brad Simpson
Network CBC (Canada)
The CW (USA)
Style 60-minute legal drama
Company ICF Films,
Eagle Vision
Filming Location Manitoba, Canada
Seasons 1
Episodes 10 (through season 1)
(List of episodes)
Status Currently in limbo, has not yet been renewed or cancelled.
Origin Canada
Official Site CBC

Burden of Truth is a ten-part serialised investigative drama about life-altering legal cases. Fast-rising corporate attorney Joanna Hanley returns to her small hometown of Millwood – a prairie town with an industrial past and uncertain future – to represent a major client in a case against some sick high school girls. She dispatches her case quickly and efficiently, crushing the girls and their small-town lawyer – her former high school classmate Billy Crawford. After winning her case, she discovers the girls are sicker than anyone thought. Otherwise healthy young women have been overcome with uncontrollable twitches and seizures, making life unlivable. They need help. Joanna also realizes she may have unresolved personal business in town. Even though she's a successful partner in a big law firm, she can't ignore the feeling that something in her life is not right. She becomes convinced all the answers she's seeking about her broken life can be found in her old hometown. And if she's going to fix herself, she has to start where it all began – with uncovering all of her family's deepest secrets.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Kristin Kreuk Joanna Hanley
Peter Mooney Billy Crawford
Nicola Correia-Damude Diane
Meegwun Fairbrother Owen Beckbie
Star Slade Luna Spence
David Lawrence Brown Ben Matheson
Anwen O'Driscoll Taylor Matheson
Sara Thompson Molly Ross
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Alex Carter David Hanley
Benjamin Ayres Alan Christie


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One January 10, 2018 (CA)
July 25, 2018 (US)
April 4, 2018 (CA)
September 26, 2018 (US)


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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