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Riding Solo
Airdate February 10, 1959
Written by teleplay
Tom Blackburn
Kenneth Perkins
Directed by Alan Crosland, Jr.
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Borrowed Glory
BroncoSeason One

Riding Solo is the eleventh episode of the first season of Bronco, and the eleventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Robert Lowery (Mike Kirk), Ray Teal (Tom Biggert), Will Wright (Doctor Winkler), Anne Anderson (Orissa Flynn), Dick Crane (Jim Logan), David Leland (Tub Murphy), Peter Mamakos (Pablo Delgado), William Masters (Jess Kilgore), Stacy Graham (Mrs. Purdee), Maurice Wells (Col. Flynn), John Harmon (Mr. Fairweather)


Plot Overview

Bronco arrives in a small town right after a stagecoach robbery in which a man has been killed. Suspicion immediately falls upon him, and what he doesn't know is that the robbery was actually committed by an old friend of his.