Bronco/Flight from an Empire

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Flight from an Empire
Airdate December 15, 1959
Writer(s) teleplay
Albert Aley
James Gunn
Director(s) Edward Dein
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The Devil's Spawn
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Night Train to Denver
BroncoSeason Two

Flight from an Empire is the seventh episode of the second season of Bronco, and the twenty-seventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Karen Verne (Ilse Von Waldenheim), Mary Tyler Moore (Marilee), Barry Kelley (Goddard), Sasha Harden (Franz Von Waldenheim), Albert Carrier (Philip De Nilon), Donald Barry (Joe Riley), Leon Belasco (Alexandre), Rudolfo Hoyos (Manuel Figueres), Frederic Roberto (Senor Hiera), Naomi Stevens (Sevarina)


Plot Overview

Bronco hires a mother and son who are refugees from the fallen empire of Emperior Maximilian of Mexico, but he soon discovers that bandits who believe the two know where $5 million in gold is buried are after them.