Broad City/Season Three

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Season Three
Broad City
Season Premiere February 17, 2016
Season Finale April 20, 2016
Episode Count 10

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Season Four

Season Three of Broad City premiered on February 17, 2016.


# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
21 1 Two Chainz February 17, 2016 772k 0.46%
Abbi tries to find a way to remove a security tag from her new shirt before her friend's big gallery show, and Ilana loses the key to her bike lock.
22 2 Co-op February 24, 2016 633k 0.4%
Abbi impersonates Ilana to cover her shift at a strict food co-op, and Lincoln drives Ilana to a doctor's appointment on Long Island.
23 3 Game Over March 2, 2016 599k 0.37%
Abbi's competitive nature comes out at the Soulstice Games, and Ilana takes on a new role at Deals Deals Deals when an important investor visits the office.
24 4 Rat Pack March 9, 2016 574k 0.33%
Ilana tries to distract partygoers from the rat infestation in her apartment, and Abbi learns how to use Tinder.
25 5 2016 March 16, 2016 640k 0.37%
Abbi embarks on a quest to take the perfect driver's license photo, and Ilana's job hunt leads her to a surprising place.
26 6 Philadelphia March 23, 2016 569k 0.34%
During a visit to Abbi's childhood home, the girls set out to right a wrong from her past.
27 7 B&B-NYC March 30, 2016 631k 0.36%
The girls have a whirlwind night on the town after subletting both of their apartments to tourists.
28 8 Burning Bridges April 6, 2016 591k 0.34%
Abbi and Ilana both reach critical points in their romantic relationships at the same time Ilana's parents come to town for their anniversary.
29 9 Getting There April 13, 2016 530k 0.3%
The girls experience a bevvy of obstacles on their way to the airport for a very important trip.
30 10 Jews on a Plane April 20, 2016 626k 0.38%
The girls are forced to improvise when Abbi gets her period on a plane and doesn't have access to a tampon.

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