Branded/$10,000 for Durango

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$10,000 for Durango
Season 2, Episode 12
Airdate November 28, 1965
Writer(s) Jerome B. Thomas
Director(s) Larry Peerce
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Romany Roundup (1)
BrandedSeason Two

Guest Star: Lloyd Bochner (Frank Ross)

Special Guest Star: Martha Hyer (Callie Clay)

Co-Starring: Gregg Palmer (Doc), Edwin Cook (Tiny Bradford), Pete Dunn (Taylor), Montie Plyler (Morgan), John Agar (Sheriff)


Plot Overview

McCord drives a herd of cattle to a rancher on behalf of a friend and is given a huge sum of money to put in the local bank. He discovers that the Sheriff and his deputies are staking out the bank, knowing that a gang of robbers are on the way to rob it. While inside the bank, McCord is relieved of his money by the robbers, who also take a female customer hostage. He goes to infiltrate the robbers' hideout, retrieve his money and save the girl, but another gang of robbers shows up to complicate matters and steal the money from the other gang.