Bordertown (2016)/Season One

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Season One
Bordertown (2016)
Season Premiere January 3, 2016
Season Finale May 22, 2016
Episode Count 13
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Season One of Bordertown premiered on January 3, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 The Engagement Mark Hentemann &
Lalo Alcaraz
Jacob Hair January 3, 2016 2.34M 1.1% 1AXH01
Bud is enraged when he finds out that his daughter Becky is engaged to J.C., Ernesto's nephew who just graduated from college. Meanwhile, a staunch anti-immigration law is passed which eventually leads to J.C.'s deportation, much to Bud's delight.
2 2 Borderwall Mark Hentemann &
Lalo Alcaraz
Albert Calleros January 10, 2016 3.579M 1.5% 1AXH06
Bud fights to get a border wall constructed using confiscated drug money, only to have the wall destroy the economy, leaving him jobless. He then begins smuggling immigrants under the wall to make ends meet.
3 3 Megachurch Valentina L. Garza Gavin Dell January 17, 2016 2.57M 1.2% 1AXH08
The reverend of Bud's megachurch asks Bud to lure Ernesto, the town's biggest church donor, away from the local Mexican Catholic church, to help fill their coffers. Ernesto is seduced by the glitziness of the church, and the reverend schemes to bring over all the other Mexican residents by "Hispandering," to Bud's horror. Bud and Ernesto team up to restore the status quo, but their plan backfires.
4 4 High School Football Dan Vebber Jack Perkins February 14, 2016 1.696M 0.7% 1AXH03
Bud becomes the high school football coach after the previous coach is forced out of the job by the local redneck fans. Bud, desperate to win, discovers a secret weapon - an illegal immigrant whom he sees gracefully and skillfully run across the border. Of course, this kid also happens to be the No. 1 drug mule in Mexico.
5 5 Groundhog Day Kenny Byerly Oreste Canestrelli February 21, 2016 1.718M 0.7% 1AXH05
As Bud and Janice prepare to consummate their yearly anniversary sex, Maria's sister has a baby, which tips the Mexifornia population from white majority to Latino majority. So, Bud decides he needs to have a baby to counteract the number shift.
6 6 J.C. Strikes Michael Kennedy &
Nathaniel Stein
Gavin Dell March 13, 2016 2.156M 0.8% 1AXH11
Ernesto attempts to get J.C. into the "real world" by forcing him to work on his crew. J.C. is appalled at what he believes are terrible working conditions and goes on strike, causing a rift in the Gonzalez family and in J.C.'s relationship with Becky. Meanwhile, Bud is stalked by an ostrich that he decides is his "spirit animal".
7 7 Drug Lord Mark Hentemann Albert Calleros April 3, 2016 997k 0.4% 1AXH02
Bud unwittingly becomes drug kingpin Pablo Barracuda's inside man at the Border Station, as he competes to be richer and more successful than Ernesto.
8 8 Santa Ana Winds Jason Reich Jacob Hair April 10, 2016 1.189M 0.5% 1AXH13
The Santa Ana winds bring on a series of strange events in Mexifornia: In search of a new energy drink, Sanford travels to Mexico and gets hooked on a new, even more powerful elixir; Bud helps a Mexican "Bud" look-alike sneak over the border, so he can take a break from his own life; and Ernesto is tormented by a stubborn demon leaf which even his super-powerful leaf blower cannot remove.
9 9 Heart Attack Alex Carter Oreste Canestrelli April 17, 2016 1.189M 0.5% 1AXH12
Gert's unhealthy eating causes her to have a heart attack during the Little Miss Mexifornia Pageant. Unable to afford the surgery in America, Bud takes her to Mexico to have her arteries unblocked and heart repaired. Meanwhile, Ernesto and Maria put Pepito on medication that makes him behave, but they don't like the side effects.
10 10 Wildfire B.J. Porter Jacob Hair April 24, 2016 1.155M 0.4% 1AXH07
When a wildfire threatens Mexifornia, all residents are required to evacuate. However, Bud refuses to leave his house, which catches fire, and Ernesto must come to the rescue to save him. Meanwhile J.C. and Becky decide to take a break from their relationship and see other people in order to explore what it's like to date before committing to each other.
11 11 La Fiesta Noche Show
Sabado Gigante
Vanessa Ramos Ray Claffey May 8, 2016 1.076M 0.4% 1AXH10
Ernesto and Placido are thrilled that their favorite TV show, "La Fiesta Noche," will be filming in Mexifornia. The Buckwalds and Gonzalezes both get tickets to the taping, but Bud's anger at the spectacle causes him to be called onto the stage. Much to everyone's surprise, the audience loves him and he becomes a big star in the Mexican community.
12 12 American Doll Susan Hurwitz Arneson Jack Perkins May 15, 2016 1.297M 0.5% 1AXH09
At Gert's insistence, Janice secretly spends $285 on an American Gal doll. When she maxes out the credit card out on accessories, she's forced to get a job as Ernesto's housekeeper, and Bud schemes to get her fired. Meanwhile, Gert seeks revenge against the American Gal company.
13 13 Viva Coyote Gustavo Arellano Ray Claffey May 22, 2016 1.159M 0.4% 1AXH04
When the Department of Homeland Security moves El Coyote to the #1 spot on its “Most Wanted” list, Bud and Barracuda both set out to catch him. Bud wants to catch he so he can keep his job, because he inadvertently let him over the border. Barracuda wants to catch him to reclaim the top spot on the list. Meanwhile, Ruiz sets out to free El Coyote in an attempt to appear “more Mexican” to a pretty waitress.