Bonanza/Dead Wrong

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Dead Wrong
Season 11, Episode 11
Airdate December 7, 1969
Writer(s) Michael Landon
Director(s) Michael Landon
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Old Friends
BonanzaSeason Eleven

Special Guest Stars: Arthur Hunnicutt (Salty Hubbard), Eric Christmas (Bobby Dan), Mike Mazurki (Big Jack)

Guest Stars: Ivor Francis (Banker), Jim Connell (Hotel Manager), Robert Sorrells (Sid), Guy Wilkerson (Sheriff), Milton Parsons (Undertaker), Sunshine Parker (Bum #1), Lee McLaughlin (Bum #2), John Carradine (Preacher Dillard)


Plot Overview

Salty is a regular liar and tells everyone that Hoss and Candy are Big Jack & Sid - two outlaws. Hoss has to fake his own death and the real Big Jack hears about it and decides to rob the bank while everyone is at the funeral.