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Premiere October 27, 1980
Finale May 1, 1987
Creator Steve Ryan
Host Bill Cullen (seasons 1-2),
Bill Rafferty (season 3)
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (seasons 1-2)
Mark Goodson Productions (season 3)
Seasons 3
Episodes 457
Origin USA

Blockbusters is a game show that aired on NBC.

In its first form, Blockbusters pitted a single player (designated with a red lectern) and a family pair (white). They face a board of 18 hexagons, each containing a letter of the alphabet. A toss-up question is asked based on a randomly selected letter. Whoever answers correctly captures that hexagon and selects another letter. Ensuing questions are played as such. The single player (red) must complete a connecting path up and down and can do so in as few as four tries. The family pair (white) must connect left to right and can do so in as few as five tries. Whoever completes their path first wins the game and $500.

That winner vies for $2500 in the Gold Rush round. In sixty seconds, he/she must complete a left-to-right gold path answering questions based on the answer's initials in the chosen hexagons. Best two out of three games with Gold Rush takes the championship and continues playing. This was soon changed to best two-out-of-three games with the winner vying for $5000 in the Gold Rush round.

Nearly five years after it was canceled, Blockbusters returned to NBC daytime. It was similar except that there was only one player per side, and each player could make their path in as few as four tries.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One October 27, 1980
Season Two April 23, 1982
Season Three January 5, 1987 May 1, 1987 85


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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