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Apache Trail
Season 2, Episode 8
Airdate Novmeber 20, 1959
Written by Joe Stone & Paul King
Directed by William Dario Faralla
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Four from Stillwater
Black SaddleSeason Two

Guest Stars: Mike Kellin (Ulzana), DeForest Kelley (Sam King), Armand Alzamora (Santana), Michael Morgan (Nachite), Roberta Haynes (Chata), Connie Buck (Maria)


Plot Overview

When Nora asks Clay to go with her to the Indian agent about the money he owes her, he really doesn't know how much trouble his 'helping out' will be. When they arrive, Sam King isn't there. Instead, a chief apache is waiting to kill McCoy. Clay talks the Indian into letting have a fair trial, but even that proves feeble since the charges Clay thought he was guilty for actually turn out to be a lot worse. King kidnapped at beat the chief's wife...