Bat Masterson/Sharpshooter

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Season 1, Episode 18
Airdate February 11, 1959
Writer(s) Maurice Tombragel
Director(s) John Rich
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License to Cheat
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River Boat
Bat MastersonSeason One

Guest Stars: Conrad Nagel (Harry Varden), Paul Dubov (Danny Dowling), Lisa Gaye (Lori Dowling), Harry Fleer (Darby Cole), Anne Dore (Jezebel), Frank Kreig, Ron Gorton, Tom Montgomery, John Maloney


Plot Overview

A casino owner hires a marksman with money problems to kill Bat because he is deeply in debt to Masterson. When the sharpshooter's pregnant wife convinces him to renege on the agreement, the casino owner hires two hard cases to force the confrontation bet.